Biodegradable CR Bags, Airtight Edible Tins, Fully Custom Packaging

I want to introduce my company as a source for professionally engineered custom packaging and promo products. Been a lurker for a long time, but just joined GLG and felt like it was time to make an account.

We have a full time design and customer service team providing free design service, as well as live in staff working every day in our factories overseas. Likewise, we have an import specialist who will make sure we deliver your goods on time, as cheaply as possible. I also spend about 1/3 of my year in China and Vietnam, as well as our US facilities to ensure the highest quality QC standards.

We focus on unique, marketing focused packaging, which is designed to increase brand loyalty and drive repeat sales. Additionally we carry a wide variety of sustainable options including tested biodegradable or USA Made stand up pouches.

Happy to quote any project, but note that we generally do not provide blank packaging.

Check out our work at:


Pictures might help


:raised_hands: Link added. Thanks!

Hey man I have a few questions.

  1. your company have Kraft compostable cardboard(no micro plastics)? If so can you manufacture custom shapes?

  2. Do you offer compostable ink solutions? Such as algae based?

  3. Do y’all offer labeling printing?

Thank you

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  1. We are focused on biodegradable alternatives for mylar right now, but we do have sources for carton type biodegradable packaging.

  2. Yes, I’ll have to double check on the specific sources and how far along our independent testing is.

  3. Can you clarify here? Rolled labels?


Can you make customized packaging if I wanted to start a brand?