Biggest and Best Lab in America... GO!

Alright lets settle this. I have heard numerous people claiming to be the biggest and best lab.

Drop your opinion. I am absolutely interested in what we come up with.


Extractor Wars signees? Awesome. I wanna put us all to a test…

Lmk when you’re ready to sponsor your booth.

I been kinda waiting for this event while willing to make it happen. But it’s hard to be a competitor in your own dream competition so I’m trying to figure it out G

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I believe TheClear may take the cake. The word “Lab” is a bit of a stretch though. Refinery would be more the worst lol


Who is the biggest in terms of capacity? Soe
Who is the best quality and most efficient? Knd
Who is the worst? I’m not answering this lol but they are in the northeast.

I’m sure if you ask 100 people you will get 100 different answer’s but let’s see if some line up


Biggest and baddest in the US easily goes to Dugway Proving Ground.

But my for real favorite labs have been in wood barns that you can see between the wood planks. Sampling for a lab shows the best and worst…


Is there a list of large labs who are still in operation?
Large being above 50k lbs a month.

If we include any extractor that supprts our industry 50k per month isnt that big.

There is the co2 hops extraction facility in yakima,wa that can do 30000lbs per run.

There is the hexane facility in new mexico that i beleive does soy beans that is 40k lbs per run

There is another rather large facility in south carlolina that is doing in the ball park of 30000 -40000lbs per run.

If we take out these other established industries i would say I know of one company personally that can handle 100k lbs per month in oregon.

I assume mile high labs has to be somewhere on the list too although i did see a liquidation of their facility not too long ago so who knows.


Thanks brother. Yeah the 50k lbs was just to set the bar. I agree it’s not that large.
I’m wondering who’s still in the hemp game that hasn’t given up and sold out.

Hemp prices are coming back up a tad. Doesn’t seem like much is getting planted this year.

Xtract Technologies is still operational in Grand Junction, CO. They have an IES 2x200 a Vitalis Q90H which together can push roughly 40k /month. And a lot more if they ran 24/7.

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Thanks @cbd_temple for the add.
Seems it’s funneling down to the “last lab standing”

@Miles-Beyond absolutely!

And here goes the dick swinging competition…

I got a small lab. I can still push out to half the stores in WA with a 200sq ft blast room. I always find it interesting to see massive badass labs for $1.6/g BHO coming soon to a town near you…

I got some videos of a barn lab that has got to be in the top 5 of its kind… will post video links of our old site soon.