Big sale! cbd crude, distillate, isolate

Hey Folks, I have several products available for purchase, were a small organic farm/processor out of TN looking to clear out our inventory, can ship anywehre in US, taking small orders as well. Here is a list of products we have available:

*40L of certified Organic CBD crude (winterized) asking $400/L
31820 ORGANIC.pdf (89.8 KB)Dylan Davis Pests.pdf (568.9 KB) organic cerification form.pdf (76.5 KB)

*80L of conventional CBD crude (winterized) asking $200/L
COA (W-2-29).pdf (88.2 KB) W-2-29(pesticides).pdf (539.3 KB)

***10L of conventional CBD distillate asking $600/L

***10KG of CBD ISOLATE asking $1100/KG
IsolateCOA.pdf (248.1 KB)

THANK YOU for your interest. PM me if you have any questions.



Please contact me asap- 207.604.2390 or
My friend needs 2-4 liters of distillate and the price is right. Could you email me a COA for the distillate you have now? Please email me and Adam (the buyer) at We appreciate your help. Ready to buy asap.

Whoops! Saw the COA at the top. Please text me at 207.604.2390 for next steps


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just touched down. Thanks!

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Can you please reach out to me at 16162325591, if calling please leave a vm or text is fine?

@BluegrassCBD thanks brother! It :airplane:. Fast as amazon prime

A big thank you to @BluegrassCBD for quick and efficient service. Thank goodness for proper packaging :wink:

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hi do you have anymore cdb distillate for sale

Iโ€™m actually trying to source a couple of kg of crude for a cancer patient.

edit: @BluegrassCBD

Happy to help๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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@BluegrassCBD I am also in the market for 2-4kg of winterized crude if available

I can help out feel free to give me a ring 504.390.9850