Big Gas Co "exclusivity agreements"

Just spoke with a guy this morn who manufactures Lco2 and Dry Ice near me and the conversation was v interesting and I have a few questions to pose

I was looking for dry ice near me via google because my vendor dropped the ball for the last time and I am done with them, they missed a delivery and bottlenecked my entire process and have done so several times with delivering half of what I ordered or not showing up at all.

I found this new company and was surprised as I had never seen or heard from them before- I learned that they are new within the past six months and have dry ice available for MUCH cheaper than anywhere around, 50% or so.

at first he would not even talk to me and wanted to identify myself and my company- once that was done he explained that he has been harassed by big gas companies that are sending him and his customers “exclusivity agreements” that give them legal right to all co2 sales- hes scaling up and not backing down in spite of this.

I remember reading something either on here or instagram that talked about how aggressive these gas companies are and how there is some sort of monopoly set up via Japanese owned manufacturing corps-

I cant find the thread where this is discussed but anyone with any knowledge of this market please let me know more as I am V curious-

also for anyone located here in the midwest I can find you very very cheap ice, so michigan, minnesota, illinoize and Wisco heads might wanna DM me and see if we can set up some distribution for y’all.

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I’ll bite

I use dry ice rice, food grade. Paying 1.00/lb currently

Was the company that screwed you over Airgas by any chance? Those guys have totally screwed me over before so I dropped em.

local company that told me they were making their own ice but instead just buys continental carbonics bunkers and ships them up, its always atleast a week old by the time it gets to me but they slap new labels on it… you can tell by the density how old the stuff is


Would you be interested in a lease of a machine ?