BHOgart extractor and ovens for sale

I have a extractor from Bhogart for sale along with three vacuum ovens. This is close to their but I have been adding in pieces and changing it around for several years so it’s not exactly what they offer. Getting rid of my whole setup and looking to move to a licensed job. Can piece out or whole package. Located in Santa Cruz. Contact me directly with offers, thanks

Parts included: (this list is not perfect. Working on a complete itemized list)
12” horizontal evaporation base ASME

1 4”x48” material tube
2 4”x24” material tube (usually just put together for a 48” but can be used separate for other things)
1 4”x48” jacketed material tube
4 4”filter plates for top and bottom of tubes
12” x 12” honey pot with jacketed squirt base
2 12” basic platters for the honey pot
11gal solvent tank
ASME shell and tube heat exchanger
Chiller coil
Water heater, pumps
Desiccant tube and manifold
LP350 hoses
Several Igloo coolers
BHOgart 12cfm vacuum pump
KNF dual diaphragm recovery pump wired for 110V (can be hard wired to 220) -recovers a pound in 2-4 minutes with this setup

3.2ft Across international oven

7.5ft Across international oven

2.4ft BHOgart oven

2.4 has one issue right now. One shelf thermometer probe is malfunctioning. The shelf heater works fine, checking it with infrared thermometer it is still accurate, but the readout on the screen jumps around randomly for the one shelf. Have spoken with BHOgart several times and they claim to have the pieces in stock to fix it, but no oven technician working there so they don’t know how… Try to get help from BHOgart and they will dick you over for weeks without getting anywhere. If anyone knows about this fix that would be helpful too!

Both AI ovens are from 2015? I’ll double check on that date later, but just so you know it’s not the newest model. They both work great, no problems.


How much for your smallest oven?

Can I get pics and Pricing?

Can I get pics and pricing ?

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Of course. Any pieces in particular? It’s all disassembled at the moment, but I will go through and polish the whole thing before selling it so can get pics up soon

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The ovens, please! Are all other parts listed above a complete system?

Can I get a picture and price on the honey pot?

You can send it thru Insta @jordannbeal

The far right arrow.w bar under it :grin: once u hit reply that is​:blush:

This badboy is still up for sale! Santa Cruz, someone come buy it.

Interested in the extractor. Dm me so we can discuss

I’m interested in a solvent tank that holdds at least a 100lbs

Mine only holds 30lbs

I’m interested in the bfe please contact me serious buyer

Is this sold if not what all is left… interested in any size recovery tank. As well as the horizontal base, asap for you… I see that the post is a bit ago…


Feel free to call or text me at 503-999-3059to talk about price?

Price for the entire setup?

What’s the price boss text call email