Bhogart 40lb turn key closed loop w/ mvp 60, revco 28.8cuft -86 freezer, 20l rotovap w/chiller, summit 5L sgort path with edwards vacuum pump. and alot more liquidating it all


Description: Bhogart bfe turnkey setup w/mvp pump (8 tubes instead of 4). 20l rotovap w/ chiller. revco -86c 28.8 cuft freezer, summit reaserch 5L short path distilation setup no coldtrap w/edwards28 vacum pump and poly science chiller… and much more extras…
Price/MSRP: $ 20,000 obo for everything willing to piece out also
Current location of item:Mariposa County
Estimated lead time:1Day
Fulfillment: pick up only
User support / Warranty: none
209-three one six 5809

Do you have a picture of the freezer and a price?

if its just the freezer. 3500

just the freezer 3500

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How big is the solvent tank? How much for it?

have someone interested in all the stainless as a set with the pump ill let you know if he backs out.