BHO with hash

Hi, newbie here. I’ve been looking around quite often but I could not find something like my question, so here it is:

I good some experience with blasting (only DME), I know what I’m doing (safetywise) and I’ve read loads of stuff, so I wanted to try out something new:
I good some really nice hash (about 40-45% THC) and wanted blast it. So I did.
Due to my equipment (open blast with DME, cooled with dryice, 110microns inline sieve) the DME in the tube would build up pressure and wouldn’t go down as normal. So i had to take away the can and my hash/DME mixture flew around. That was really bad (only a mess outside, no explosion). So after getting rid of the over-pressure I just dissolved the mixture in ethanol (96%), filtered and winterised it. I was really surprised by the good smell and quality of the oil.

So I made a new plan. I bought a better extraction column from BHO hardware which has a one-way-valve at the top and a ball valve at the bottom. Additionally to that i wanna change DME against butane.
So the actual plan is:

  • Cool down butan with dry ice
  • put prepared hash (littple pieces) in column and pull vac on it. cool with dry ice. inline sieve with 110 microns at bottom
  • put cold butane in cold column and let sit for 30-60seconds
  • open the valve slowly and hope everything is solved and the crude passes the inline 110 microns sieve.

How good/bad ist the plan? Is it realistic or just stupid?

Change the DME asap way to polar
what is your wish of end product thca or thc ?

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Like I said, next time I’ll use Butane for extraction.
Actually the oil will be used in my personal carts - so thca is ok afaik

Ok the way i have done iT
Is grind hasj up almost to sand consistency
Ad Some flower materiaal to prevent cloging of your tube togeter in the blast tube full tube with cold butane soak for 4 /5 min blast butane out with warm butane
(Have Some pressure )
And done
If the hasj is really blond ( No chlorofyl)
Crumble hasj put in microwave Ad Some ethanol stir like mad
Drop syrup hasj in blast tube
Ad. Cold butane soak 10 min blast out
Evaporate in a very thin layer on parchment paper 5 days to get ris of ethanol and water
Or vacuum oven If available

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Are You. In europe by Any chance
DME is known here in EU but i rarely hear iT s use in the us

if you’re open blasting, you’ll never get the butane out of your cans at dry ice temps.

so it simply won’t work.

chilling your solvent that low only works if you’ve got a container full of nothing to blast into (a container you’ve pulled a vacuum on).

a recovery pump and/or N2 to push is also often applied to the problem by folks doing this.


Ok, I see we need more details:

  • I cannot grind my hash because it has a consistency like kinetic sand. There is so much oil in it that it will clump back again. So I make it smaller at room temperature and then freeze it and then make it smaller again. That seems to be the maximum…
  • I wont freeze my butane to dry ice temps, more like -10°C. Cold enough to prevent gaseous phase, not noo cold for your told problem
  • my column supports vacuum. So I will pull a vac before i put in the butane. So everything should be fine

When my column clogged last time i had two SS mesh filters in my column and it didn’t pass them. The prevent this type of clogging I thought maybe to put something in the column. Idea was to add buds or small glass balls (3-4mm diameter). Any ideas on that?

thanks for the advice. Pushing with warm butane seems to be a really good idea, I’ll remember that!

Just an idee how about pellets of activated Carbon

Doesn’t the activated carbon also take my terpenes?

Some material is lost in Carbon but iT is minimal If You would do a 2 or 3 rinse at ambient temperature that Could be used for medical purepuse You Will sort of rinse out the cannabinoids stuk to the AC
But then again i have to much biomass i can play with