BHO vs EHO for volume

If you guys had to set up a slab lab to pump out shatter, which method would you guys go with? BHO or EHO?

I will not be working with the best material, so CRC will be a must.

I’ve done BHO extracting before and know the basics. To process 200-300 pounds per day in a BHO setup requires a big system. On the flip side, I know next to nothing on EHO. I am naturally leaning towards doing EHO since I already have a spinner, as well as a falling film. However I do not know the in between steps for EHO, and do not know if its scalable. I will obviously get a real consult if I go this direction, but can you guys give me some basics

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If the end product is shatter, ethanol can be tough. I’ve had good ethanol shatter but it wasn’t as good as the best BHO shatter and CRC is harder to implement as well.

One interesting third possiblity is hexane hash oil. You can use it with your spinner and falling film, and it can make really good shatter (and yes you can get to 0 ppm residual with proper purging).


Cold hexane extracts are nice. Just purge super well

Do you “wash” (twice?) with etoh per skunkpharm to achieve those low residuals?

Full vac 2stage rotary 10 days thin slab
After day Five a short heat up of slab to 50/55C and flipping regurly gets below scent treshhold
Need a Stable shatter strain for this trick
Also when cooling after the heat treatment lower vac slightly to avoid aa collapsed bubbely structure off the slab
Then proces to full vac

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I can’t find it at the moment, but I could have swore in the past I have seen people complain and have issues with the consistency of EHO. This is the only thing that makes me want to lean towards BHO, but with a good SOP is the consistency an issue? Or better question, is there any issues with doing EHO over BHO?

Also, for HHO, how dangerous is Hexane? I know you need the area very ventilated but around ehty I never wear a mask. Is Hexane something that you need to wear a chemical mask at all times ?