BHO To THCa Isolate ( Centrifuge tek )

Hello everyone, I need some advice for Centrifuge tek. (+BHO)

I’ve recently extracted some old and new flower + leaves using an open-loop extraction tube. I used a mixture of 70% Butane and 30% Pentane.

After extraction, I bathed both extracts for around 1-2 hours in hot water (temperature 40-70°C)

Still there are residues of both butane and pentane left in the extracts:

In the YOK Dirty Diamond Tek, there’s a mention of nucleation with pentane.
While there’ still some pentane left in my extracts, will that do the job?

@cyclopath once mentioned that one of his best personal extracts for this technique is unpurged BHO. Can you please share any advice here?

I’d expect if you see zero crystals forming after letting it sit for a few days on its own, there is probably no THCa left in your oil as it sits.

Older flower is usually partially decarboxylated, and looking at the pictures of the oil it appears this might have been the case.

If your oil is over 60% THCa it will precipitate THCa on its own after sitting, even with residual butane or pentane present.

I’d suggest starting again with some more fresh material if possible, keep temps low during extraction and purge. Just let the dish sit and evaporate the butane naturally for a couple days if you have no vacuum oven. If sitting outside or somewhere exposed to dust, place a T shirt or other cotton fabric over the vessel with elastics to avoid dust and bugs.

Above is an example of BHO right from the extractor and into the dish, sat open for 14 hours.

Then I broke it up and purged it in a vac oven.

Nothing special needed other than THCa in better quantities in the starting material


@Aurion Got it! thank you for this full info!

Im going to sit and observe the oil for the next few days.


I was born faster than usual, and I’ve been rushing in everything since then. So I’m thinking:

How dangrous is running the material i posted above in centrifuge now? (its thick rn)
if its safe , is it a good idea to do that now?

new pic:

@Aurion @cyclopath pls guide me

Do you see crystallization?

How is spinning it gonna change that?

After incubation at 32-34C for several days…because vacuum purging removes terpenes which make both crystalization and separation easier.


Ok…non polar butane cold, pour-off , T shirt and boom THCA self purifies… it is no wonder there is no theory! One bucket , a T shirt and a Pyrex dish its a wonder.
@Aurion , can you give me a time course for extraction process? Can it be done with 30 seconds of biomass exposure, 3 minutes or 30 minutes…what can you say about the time course?

Thanks for the reply👾

just an update:

small things happening

i purged some:


its really shinny wish i could capture it with my phone camera better than this
with this tool:

i hate shatter, the biggest i could save:

vacuum the mix

Buy jacketed vessel with a c1d1 stir motor in it and hookup a chiller to it

Dump your runs into the vessel and chill the vessel while stirring

Push milky mixture through series of micron sintered discs

Repeat if needed with leftover solvent mixture

Recover solvent from mixture to capture terpenes

Or just buy an isolator from @ChangMinXD amd @globtek33