bho to carts, is vac even needed?


If my goal is to go from a cls to cartridges do i really need to vac out slabs first? Can i go right from the splatter platter to a beaker on a hot plate that already has preheated dilliutant/terps stirring and just decarb and purge it all at once on the hot plate?


No, you dont need vac,

However, you will probably roast all your flavors out if you try to add terps prior to decarb. Just add it right as your solution is starting to cool down


if you don’t want slabs, then making them is not required.

not quite as silly as making slabs then dissolving in ethanol to winterize, but certainly not necessary.

in an ideal world you’d decarb in an O2 free environment to avoid oxidation. using vac will lose terps. an N2 blanket would work.

as @Apothecary36 said, add the terps & diluent post decarb, so as not to boil off your expensive additives.