bho purging help

Hi i been making bho now for 3 years almost full time from opem to closed plasts . From no vacum to vacum 99% off what i blow is trim. I am from south africa so up till last year it was ilagal now we can use in pvt but not sell thc i pride my self in my oil or wax and love making it but need to know what i am making is clean of butan with out testing every batch

So here is the way i do it i freez my gas ± -1to -20c my pipe can take about 300 grams of plant and the 5 cans of nuwport i wash for about 35 min and then blow in to a pirex from ther i wait for most of the butan to excape and then in to my vacum chamber i suck vacum till the muffin stops expandin and then lock vac here i play cold vac or warm vac it will sit under vacum for 24h i will make sure that there is still vacum about every h to make sure it stays under vac from ther in to my curing ovin i made a " curing oven " wher my wax sits for 2 to 3 days At 26c .

I will like to know not using the spater thest or burning the oil is ther anny ather way to test for butan in my wax

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Just send it for testing. There are plenty of places in ZA you can take it to to test. Normally about R600 for contaminate testing. You can even send it by post for testing.

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Throw it back under vacuum after curing see if you have alot of reaction… Is there a reason you don’t purge under vacuum for longer?

Yes, 72 hrs under vacuum would be my recommended minimum. 90-100ºf. And a flip every 6 hrs goes a long way.

An RSA would be the only way of telling, try NAFS. They seem legit from what i’ve seen…