BHO extraction to JAR TEK and I need help???

So I am a newby to this but I have watched countless videos on BHO extraction process and JAR TEK! So basically I want to make sauce/diamonds and don’t want to start until I completely understand
So I have a glass extraction column/bho/Local leaf 1oz(So called “gelato”)! I put the leaf into the column add bho from top. Bho goes through packed column/coffee filter and into a Pyrex dish.
From this point u put into a mason jar and then I’m soo looossstt! Have everything to do it I think?! Just don’t wanna mess it up??? And do I need more than an oz to attempt JAR TEK?
Plz any help/knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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Read this

Then try out what you think will work, if it doesn’t, don’t do that again and try a different avenue. Basic logic


Gotta at least read a little bit there bub…



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Thanks for that one @BeastCoast


Get a closed loop system, any size
There’s a guy, @Killa12345,
Maybe he can point you in the right direction

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Dm @killa12345for a closed loop. If you’re running really small you could get away with building a super duper small one.

You should at the very least get a closed column (for a controlled blast)

Be safe!!! I don’t condone open blasting but hey man we all started with a blast tube so… I can’t say I’ve never been there with the blast tube, just never used one to attempt a diamond run.

My ultimate opinion is start sourcing more material and scale to at least a qp then run a closed loop or get a super duper small closed loop to do 1oz.

@Killa12345 can definitely do you a nice first cls bvv makes mini closed loop but they’re stupid in pricing.


Definitely agree with all of the above, but imagine how easy open blasting to make diamonds would be. Sometimes I do miss open blasting for it simplicity.

Put your tube in dry ice for a bit, use a decent blend like whipit premium so you can get it ice cold too and still have some pressure, blast right into your jar, evap till it’s runny, then cap.

Easy peasy.

(there’s a big ass spoon for ya @CrisCo91, read more though, you just came in and asked for a step without showing you’ve done ANY research, that doesn’t usually go well here. I’m not giving you another spoon either. And, ounce isn’t gonna really get you anywhere, if you’re gonna be sad if you mess up, I’d suggest saving for more dope, a glass tube and an ounce of shake isn’t shit.)


Tip the day no spoon feeding jokes involved:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Dry ice is ur friend. Prefreeze your material before loading into the glass pecker. Cool ur butane if can will help

Jar the oil walk away for couple weeks.

Read around here more during the next couple weeks while ur waiting on it to do its own thing., when ur done read more…but this will get u started

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No need brotha! I was all about just being a dick when someone asked for this big of a spoon before. Now I’ll give some help if they do SOME work, but this request rubbed me the wrong way. So instead of just being a dick, I figured I could justify being a dick if I fed em a spoon. Lol, it actually made my day a little better :smiley:



Dope site guyz, lov3 weed here. I saw some utube vids about some dope stuff you giys do culled daimonds? I habe a pvc pipe and a 1/4 of grass I fund outsid. Tell me how to make bomb diggity!


if you’re hoping to make diamonds, don’t load that tube with “leaf”. use the best product you can get your hands on…

“trim”, “flower”, “popcorn”. not “leaf”.


I’ll be the dick.
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Always willing to help people who are trying to apply themselves, but his request was cringe worthy.


At this dudes scale it’s better to just open blast. Ditch the glass tube get a stainless steel tube with rubber stopper from caliextractions.Com


I started with a closed column extractor from bvv

You can make fire with this, and it’s expandable. For future closed loop operation.


I originally started with a blast tube but then used a bvv 1oz closed column. Gotta say it did me well for 3 years.


I made some fire with my closed column back in the day too. There’s really something to say about how simple it is.


Also, I wonder I’m some spoon requests like this are real. Maybe we’ve taken the bait?


Videos can be very helpful, but will only get you so far.

How much have you read?

Try going through some of the threads behind Search results for 'blast mason jar' - Future4200

Not just the post the query hits, but the full threads. Only some of the are relevant, but there is definitely stuff there you should have.

Eg, skip the pan…

While we’re here, you are NOT extracting with BHO (butane hash/honey oil). You are making BHO, by extracting with butane.

Or a blend of light hydrocarbons depending on which can of lighter fluid you’re using.