BHO Extraction Data Collection

Hey all,

Fairly new to BHO extraction and am running a 2 column CLS. I am looking to start collecting data on all my runs so I can begin learning what works best with our in house strains and overall just what is working and not working well. I have a decent start but if anyone has any other suggestions on what I should be watching/collecting, please comment and let me know. This is what I have so far:

Run #
Start Time
End Time
Initial Weight in Grams
Amt of Solvent In
Amt of Solvent Recovered
Solvent/Solvent Blend
Recovery Start Time
Recovery End Time
Solvent Loss
Post-processing Product (ie, sugar/shatter/crumble/etc)

Anything else I could be tracking I am happy to hear about, please and thank you!

If your doing this to improve, the only real question is , is it any good? The effect is the most important part of an psychoactive substance

If you have multiple employees, “Who,” did the run is beneficial for various reasons.

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This is more so for myself as i’m learning and also for my employer so I can convince him to upgrade our gear when he says our awful recovery times haha.

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input potency & output potency
and the math on those that gives you your extraction efficiency.

if you don’t have In House analytics you’ll have to ask a stranger.

Temperatures ?
Biomass, sleeve , jacket
Recovery pot all temps give info
In extract quality and recovery times


Initial percent moisture
Initial Acidity
Final Acidity
Mass extracted
Mass extract
Final percent moisture (presume 0)
Residual (waste) Acidity
Residual (waste) percent moisture
Theoretical recovery
Actual recovery

my 5 second brainstorm