BHO Concentrates - What're you blasting?

If you were going to run a BHO Concentrate company, specifically wax, shatter, crumble, budder, live resin, and diamonds. Outside of just blasting trim / larf and fresh frozen material for the live resin / diamonds. What material would you look to blast when your cost for your shatter at wholesale is preset?

I understand that you want the freshest material possible, preferably untrimmed and wet as to stop nucleation. Therefor, when approaching growers for product are you specifically looking purchase wet, untrimmed lbs?

Do you want to purchase them trimmed and wet to process them immediately or can you inventory such an item without preventing mold?

As a processor, what are you hunting for as far as starting material and how do you price it?

If it don’t smell good I don’t want it


Best thing you should do is hire someone to walk you thru the process and maybe even hold your hand on your first purchases.


I’m actually fairly cannabis savvy, as far as finding good / fresh product, even pricing in my area I’m quite confident in negotiating. I’ve been buying / selling units for about five years. But in my market you negotiate trimmed/cured flower packs and sugar leaf, that’s about it. Negotating the price on a wet, untrimmed lb, I wouldn’t even know how to start.

That’s where it got me wondering. Do concentrate blasters look for wet/untrimmed lbs? Or are they specifically just blasting material they find on a case by case basis.

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FFF work should be in the $100 range. I would stay away from deep frozen and only buy Ln2 frozen flower.


To answer for my end personally…

I have grower friends that work out deals with me, and I can run their fresh frozen and get a cut of the final product that I make.

I process immediately usually and on a case by case basis, but I’m also just a hobbyist (I make good extract it’s just not what I do for a living)

If you want to store it in have flash frozen with dry ice and theb I stored in a deep freezer (which can be another large cooler with many blocks of dry ice) and then take out as you need

Fresh frozen plant matter, in my experience, has yielded a bit less, but product was incredible

As for prices, I wouldn’t know as I don’t really pay for it as much as just get some for my work.