Grower by trait So bho is new to me but being a small business owner has forced m

y hand in playing scientist with the help of a friend who’s got 6 months on me"[still novice level] . To make it simple I’ve got 300+lb of outdoor flower cured/bagged[fresh]. I’ve currently been running a 5lb closed loop system flash freezing &making a “ok” product. But I’m lost on how to start remediating and/or ,adding the right Terps to make a well rounded full flavor product that I can be proud to put our name on. And send out to the masses. Any suggestions are appreciated. "Heres some pics of the last few runs . Taste is soft upfront but aromatic and earthy out back. A good base but definitely lacking compared to …

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Are you using chilled solvent? Describe your extraction procedure and maybe we can find something to improve.

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this I’s what we’ve got going right now. With a 4lb dry ice jacketed material column.

lace up them boots brother your in for a ride!!! first off let me say this is defiantly the right place to gain the most accurate and up to date knowledge, and it should be easier for you to progress as this site exists. It was not an option for me when I started and i can remember standing where you are being somewhat cocky about being able to learn and become the best quickly! but the reality was a month later I was ready to give up and take a $15k loss, but it finally clicked. If i was you I would find a good consultant or person recommended on here and hire them to get the ball rolling for you bc trust me it may seam like a lot of money at first but if i could do over I would have done that and saved money plus made more not making costly mistakes. You can deffinalty learn on your own as i did but if your a business and already have money/livelihood riding on it…Fast track it and hire! There is so dam much information and knowledge its still overwhelming to me today. Keep at it and you’ll get thereby friend :+1:


Check the indofabs color remediation thread.

Run as cold of solvent as you can.

Stop running whip it, and if you can’t, then you should be distilling that a few times to clean any impurities out of it


Whipit isn’t bad, I find it’s one of the canned mixes that leaves the least amount of mystery oil in it.

I just switched from whipit premium to puretane, and didn’t notice that big of a difference in the amount of mystery oil.

I actually miss the mix and will probably go back.

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This will speed up your can tapping brother but I also recommend distilling it after. This will hold the big cans making everything even faster. Start reading the clear bho scam thread and then the indofab crc thread. I guarantee you will be well off after reading those two threads


May I ask where you are located sir?

Where are you getting those big 750ml cans, if I may ask?

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I have only seen the Neon brand butane in the 750ml. And that was just recently at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Lol

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Most head shops carry them, i used to get those for $30 for 9L of solvent before I dialed in my recovery down to just about no loss.

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I’ve found a few site that sells em by the master case, but don’t need that much personally lol.