Best way to store THC distillate?

I will be purchasing my first liter of distillate and wanted some opinions on storage. Should I freeze or refrigerate? I know to keep uv/sunlight off of it and to keep it in a dark place, but I dont know if I should store in freezer or refrigerator temps. I will be only adding terps, no dilluants or cut. Will not be adding the terps until I start to fill cartridges. I plan on separating the liter into five 200ml jar so I dont have to reheat the entire jar everytime when I fill 200 carts. Will be filling by hand with a syringe, or should I invest in a 50 shot filler? I just purchase 100 all ceramic Ascents to give a try. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Vacuum sealed in a jar with as little head space as possible.
Stored 8n cool, dark place.

Ok thanks for that info. Sorry but what is “8n cool”?

8n =in
Fat fingers typing on a phone

Also, backfill with l2 if possible

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Red Ring can be (in my experience) completely avoided by storing under vacuum.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare oven lying around, use it as storage.


Filling the empty space in the containers with an inert gas like Argon helps mitigate oxidation. You can buy a can of inert gas used for wine storage at your local boujie wine store or Bevmo.