Best way to remove vac grease?

I was noticing some small particles on my flasks and I realized that is probably vac grease. What is the easiest way to get that off my glassware?




hexanes/pentane will remove the grease too.
I am wary of smoking “clear” from others, lots of grease contamination. I often seen people online pour clear out of flasks with grease still on the joints. This is my method: use ptfe sleeve and some thc distillate on the boiling flask joint/ thermometers/flasks on the reciever.Use grease on your cow only if your product cannot make contact with the grease, otherwise use distillate and the ptfe sleeve. make sure you zap it with a heat gun before you rotate, you don’t want a frozen joint there!


Could You Please explain the exact mo here ? Thx

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I was having the same issue with speckles of vac grease on some flasks so I mixed alconox with a half gallon of vinegar and 15L of water and washed those flasks in it then rinsed with fresh RO water and then ethanol. Then cleaned like normal and they look brand new now


so , this is a random thought, but i wonder if we can use distillate as a joint grease?
or something like a botanical extract oil that would be safe for smoking?

im sure its been tried. but im on a path to make my own distillate after i get furnished with escrow and move in my goal is to build a small & hopefully safe ethanol lab with a small rotovac and short path.
and ideally i wouldn’t use anything that could ruin my fished product

Vac grease on bf to head

Disty on head to cow plus all 3 rf.


The issue isn’t just filling the gaps with grease. It’s that certain greases prevent atmosphere from creeping between itself once the correct pressure is applied on the grease. If you have a leak, and put distillate on the joint and the joint gets hot you’ll just melt those holes open more.

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What’s the best grease that you would recommend?

Best is sorta a lose term.

Vac grease that doesn’t melt and get into oil. What are the disadvantages to having such a vac grease?

Avoid Corning silicone grease or similar. If you are getting apiezon in your mix you are just using too much.

We did a test with a helium leak detector and showed that just a bit too much allowed grease to leak. Using bare min to enforce contact pressure will allow apiezon to hit 11 scale. Something that doesn’t leech as much is apiezon h but it’s very expensive. And it doesn’t seize. Like all greases for our application they aren’t fully fda. Just inert. Meaning don’t get it in your mix.