Best way to melt down large amounts of CBD?

We are melting down between 10-20 kilos of CBD distillate at a time. We are currently use hotplates with a water filled beaker and then inserting our containers, its a pain.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a large water bath or heater that will fit 5-10, or more, 1 kilo containers.

We have looked at many waterbath’s so far but none have been large enough.

These things are bad ass

Edit: You could also try a microwave :person_shrugging:


If you’re on a budget you could just use a crock pot hooked up to a blue bird or a sous vide.

A big SS double boiler like you use for chocolate can work in a pinch too

Otherwise what is posted above is a better fit for the job

Confectioners :wink:

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The tub itself is too small, our containers are apprx 7 inches across which would only allow for 2 containers at a time. I’m really trying to get a minimum of 5, but preferably somewhere closer to 10.

Its a major time/mood kill spending days on end melting shit down.

I know microwaving is definitely the fastest method, but I would assume it has a negative impact on the quality

What about an oven? They come in handy for all kinds of shit. Most can be set to 150°f which should have your distillate flowing in no time, and no risk of contamination from water baths

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Cost was under $400 and can fit about 12 5kg containers.


water transfers heat FAAAAR better than air. An oven takes 3-4 times longer in my experience.


That things impressive haha


That is awesome.

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Hopefully you got that controller mounted on the wall instead of laying on the ground (where it is susceptible to catastrophic failure, should the bath leak enough)! I’m sure you’ve taken care of that by now. Haha. Captain Safety strikes again. Couldn’t help but say something, as I am sure many here will be hitting the farm stores soon to build it out themselves.

Having seen it in person, I can say it is superior to everything else mentioned in the thread so far. That custom lid really ties everything together super nice! I’m a fan of the ingenuity and implementation @thesk8nmidget continues to put out. Keep up the good work!


This beats my slop sink method so I’ll go sit down and listen… nice job @thesk8nmidget!


Thanks, we actually havent used it since you were here last. So its still chilling on the ground, to many other projects are taking priority. I did always lift it off the ground and put it on a little stand before though. in time an electrical box will be made for it.

It also seconds as an employee hottub for those long night shifts :rofl:


Hot tub followed by a nap on the futon in your office must make for a terrible work environment!


That and not working Fridays is a real drag.

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Easiest way I’ve found is using a 20qt SS stock pot on a induction cook top, melt down 10kg of isolate at a time in it and then pour into a reactor.


100% induction burner plus stainless is a great way to heat stuff.

That my standard sop for getting everything to about 50°c before an SPD run


I always use my 20L roto bath

A 5 gallon bucket fits perfectly inside the heating coil inside the bath , never had a bucket melt as the water prevents it from melting the plastic

I put bricks in the bottom when I use it with bigger containers


Water is a much more efficient heat transfer fluid than air so your observations match the theory.

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I joined the forum cause I’ve got one (barely used) for sale, if anyone wants it!