Best way to make pre rolls

I know I’ve seen the vibrating machine with the slap wood box on top. I just wanna know how to mix good pre rolls that hit right and don’t mess up when smoked. You guys on here are Tremendous help and beyond more than helpful so please for the first time making prerolls please help me and advice works. Machines tek should the flower be super dry kinda dry or? How fine should I grade it ? Any example or something PLEASE AND THANK YOU ENJOY YOUR HALLOWEEN


You can use a knock-box correctly to achieve those goals. We ran 5600 prerolls in a day with just two people, a solid wood table, and a knock box.

You have to be tight with your tolerances (weight of each joint is used to check your work), use name brand papers and crutches (size, shape, and burn rate are affected by this), and twist roll them correctly, pushing them from the crutch and at the twist for a solid densely packed roll.

Only use fully-dried cannabis and if you grind it too small they run. The grinder you are on your own for, Futurola’s makes things too small (weed eater, literally). ***stickyproducts says it’s fine, I guess I never figured out the knack for it… I stand corrected!

I haven’t found a better method for throughput or consistency…

Oh and if you cheap out and use shake (hopefully these players have been / are being pushed out), it’ll cause runs randomly since shake will burn at a different rate than bud. It’s not worth the effect to your branding by saving money on the filling material.


I think of it as an art, like rolling cigars, and make mine by hand one at a time. That isn’t feasible for everyone, I realize.

Keys for me are rubbing bud over a screen instead of using a grinder. The sharp little pieces of stem created by the grinder like to poke through the paper. And also to pack once after about the first inch of loose fill material, before finishing the fill and packing again. That first bit is crucial to a non floppy preroll and never wants to pack right if all the packing is done from the end. Maybe on a machine you can make a chopstick wad that fits into the holes to pack a lot at once. For hand packing, I have both the little kits, one made by raw, the other is orange plastic. I think it’s swedish. They are cheap and I use parts of each kit.


I use the RAW Sixshooter with no problems. just follow Autumn and pack the first bit.


Thanks, I didn’t know this existed. Pretty neat ad cheap.


we put down around 10k prerolls a week using a futurolla grinder and a STM rocketbox mini.

tons of ways to get the system to turn out great products but its all up to the operator of the machines.
we grind and sieve the flower (not trim, all buds smaller than 3/8’) to ensure that we remove all the stem and any other undesirable biomass from the preroll, fill cones on the rocketbox and then weigh, hand pack as necessary and twist or fold based on the desired output (we twist .7 and .5 g and crown fold everything 1g and up).

we could do like 5K a day if we didnt care to check all weights and dont QC everything to make sure only the good ones go out. we found its easier to slow down and produce a higher quality product.
nice tight pack at the crutch and a tight enough pack on the remainder without getting it too tight to pull.