Best way to dry remaining ethanol from purged material after centrifuge (washer tek)?

What ways can the community recommend to safely dry remaining ethanol from the purged material after it has been removed from the washer/centrifuge? I would like to consider a mcgyver setup to reduce cost and footprint in the lab. Currently, I am considering a tent with its own air exchange within the room with a rack outfitted with window screens. Does anyone have some different ideas for me?

:shushing_face: based on the demo I requested in the Delta Separations production facility, you can absolutely set that stuff on fire. :fire:

I was wheeling mine outside to the “compost” pile, but last week somebody was paid to haul that away (city permitting nonsense), so I too am wondering what to do with spent biomass atm.

of course my long term goal is to close another loop and make my extraction solvent from it.

I suspect it would work better than sawdust for this really bad ideaTM

if you’re looking for actual implementation details, this one is more appropriate

if the idea is just to eliminate the flammability risk, why not dilute the ethanol in the spent material with water?

That’s why I always suggest steaming it. Has anybody done so, post-extraction?

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not quite. but in order to get edible mushrooms to grow on it, my interns did have to rinse and then autoclave. which made for more work than it was worth. the new kid has a better strategy. and he’s smart enough to get it working.

I also tried adding water and throwing it in the still to get what I could back. Nothing I could use for solvent. it did leave the cannabis non-flammable. and provide refreshments at the kickball games.