Best tool for dispensing live resin for edibles

I work for an edible company in CA and we are about to launch a product using live resin, wondering if syringe is still the best tool for adding precise amounts of live resin to each seed batch. 10 and 60 mL syringes work for perfect for heated distallate but not sure if that will be the case for live resin. Gonna be experimenting with few different types of teaspoons tomorrow. We are trying to capture sugar and terps in each sample hence being the reason for not wanting to use a syringe.



Lololol cart farmer 100%


Its much more than a cart farmer, hes gotta SEPARATE the thca MECHANICALLY using the spoon at the top


You’re mixing thca into edibles?


There are lab scoops with every size/shape you can imagine. You could just get a set of a dozen different sizes on Amazon. Doesn’t sound like you know if this will be a permanent product or not yet so probably don’t need anything too technical.

Depending on how sugary it is there are all also massive glass syringes with holes that are like 3/8’s of an inch wide. You can dump 100g in one end then put the glass plunger back in and just push it out without a needle attached. Piping bag style


Love. This. So. Much.

Yeah. Scoops and scales.

Tare the scoop. Grab a scoop. Voila.

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I see its not that easy to search this process

He wants each one to be the same. He needs to seperate the sugar from the hte with a centrifuge

Then he can spoon it out

Then he can re add his hte with even ratios


Boy do I feel silly… I hadn’t though about the fact that we had only been handling the live resin pre-decarb before hence the consistency. After decarb the resin is a nearly homogenous oil…this one had me face-palming hard the next day.

Forgive me if my question sounds ignorant but why would you put live resin in edibles?


it makes marketing happy.


Def part marketing ploy, but done correctly there may be something there. The r/d team has been experimenting with it for a while. The ones that are done well have been really good. Not entirely sure live resin is 100% necessary, regular sauce could probably be substituted. Will def be an interesting way to bring these types of concentrates to new customers foreign to the dab scene. We shall see.