Best Solvent Ratios for DCVC separation of THC and CBD?



Who has used DCVC to separate THC and CBD Class Cannabinoids? And would DCVC be a good choice for remediating 2-5% THC from a 60-80%CBD oil?


Ask @Beaker, Hes got loads of experence with it !


I would be interested in learning more also @Beaker


@beaker has lots of experience with DCVC, but I don’t know that he’s made any attempts to fractionate cannabinoids.

sure would be a neat trick though.


“The solvent system is generally Ethyl Acetate and Hexane starting with hexane alone. Then the Ethyl Acetate is added in 5% increments and is collected 20ml fractions at a time. Once the gradient is over about 30% Ethyl Acetate to hexane the majority of wanted fractions have eluted. Then I add Ethyl Acetate alone along with methanol to move the waxes and chlorophyls and just general gunk off the column.”


I have never set up on compound with CBD or anytying elso than THC. I suspect DCVC as I practice it will do poorly using standard silica gel. Those molecules are very similar to each other and I would predict they travel about the same rate through a DCVC column.

Of course I am just one guy practicing one protocol. I find it useful to separate the half dozen or so color bands that go way slower in my column than THC. I have read unsubstantiated boasts that reverse phase media can separate the two. The deal about DCVC is it really is part art and part science. It can take a long time to nail down the procedure. Solvent systems are closely guarded secrets from what I gather but generally those reverse phase systems seem to hold the most promise.

I was offered an R&D spot in a group wishing to accomplish such separation. The problem is lack of data so my first priority will be to generate a boiling point curve and try to nail down exactly the differences if that is possible. I wonder if CBD represents just a fad for a newly emerged (from prohibition) industry? I find it interesting that now prohibition is over mostly that the drug most sought after seems to be CBD and not THC after all. Does this make CBD a gateway drug? lol.

CBD does seem to be easier to refine to high purity and I am hoping to work out just why that is and just how it might be leveraged. :nerd_face: