Best sintered discs

I’m looking to add a couple more 3 inch sintered discs so that I can keep running while my other discs work their way through our cleaning procedures.

Specifically looking for 3 inch discs in 1 and 2 um.

Who do you recommend for being good suppliers of high quality discs. I’m asking about best, not cheapest. These will be workhorses. Bonus points if they are a supporter/member here.

Thanks in advance.

@LoCoSci @Waxplug1 or @Killa12345

They are all good quality. I have stuff from all 3 of them and no complaints.


To those good recommendations, I’ll add these:


We came out with these new filter disc designs that allow you to use any type of filter whether paper, sintered disc, or cloth. They hold back the finer media and are machined from a block of stainless. Rated for 350psi or higher. They come with a 1u disc. Check them out! I’ll get you or any future4200 member a 10% discount!


Do you have any photos of the real thing, or just the renders you sent to the manufacturers in China?

Sorry, bit rude, but 700 for 6" filter plate is ludicrous

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We have stock of them and it’s not just a filter plate :rofl:

Everything is machined from a solid piece of stainless with no welding, all CNC. I’ll post some pics here later but you can see them on video on @xtractorpros page on IG as well where chris goes over the parts and how it works.

guys down the street from me want $850 for a 6" 1um sintered disk…but I can have it today, and that might be a sales point at some point


I can overnight any size 1.5”-6” sintered disc for $30. But if you feel like $500 more for the same day service is worth it. I can’t blame ya.



this is cannabiz. if you could deliver shit yesterday…

Bro if u want it yesterday for 800 I’ll hop in my car buy one at locoscience and it will be at your doorstep in about 5 hours



But, I don’t need one the moment.

I just like knowing what I can get and where I can get it IN TOWN.

I’ve watched folks in this industry throw SOOOOO much money at expedite fees it’s not funny. yet they never seem to learn.

eg: I need a boiler like 6 weeks ago


Rob at Mach Technologies can create custom solutions for sintered discs. He has a full metal fabricating shop in his factory. It is awesome to work with him to create something to tailor your needs other than buy something pre fabricated. I also have used sintered discs from AMP for absolute micron, but he only goes to 4".

how about one that fits a wide mouth canning jar?


he said theres no reason why he couldnt

message me, i can give you his contact info

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hes local to me in michigan so its been nice to get things fabricated down the road, whenever an idea pops in my head haha


I’m trying to find 6” .2 Micron disc but arborfab is out till June. Any other good options out there?

IDK if they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for, but I ended up getting mine from indofab solutions, and I was happy with the quality.

I’m not finding the actual sintered discs on the site they have. They’re pretty tricky to find

Cartridge filters are nifty and far faster flowing than sintered filters.

Check out indofabs cartridge filter holder. Goes down to .1 or .2 micron

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These? i’m not having any trouble seeing their filters. They could likely custom fabricate a .2 micron plate

That said, I still say that cartridge filter are the tits, and I place mine after my 1 micron filter plate.