Best scale for gramming out concentrates?

whats everyones preferred scale for gramming out different concentrates?
looking to upgrade

Anything with .01 gram accuracy or better.

Make sure to care for you scale properly, don’t be dropping it, pressing lids on, treat it right

I just use a cheap ass one that the side pops out razor slide something like that, goes 2 points behind zero pretty accurate also. Just sucks doesn’t go over 100g I wanted to use for both flower too but really can’t bc Max out quick for flower

The way I see it… If you get ones that only go one point behind zero, then say you give out 1.0 to everyone, but really it was 1.09 basically 1.1 after ten times you just basically gave a gram for free… You choose what better

And .1 sales will read 1.09 as 1.0g not 1.1 which it’s closer to

Very good quality, plus a good extended warrenty. You can’t beat a good scale. Keep in mind your lab scales will have to be the law of the land. You will want to have them certifyed. People will come to you and say your weight is wrong. You will have to prove that their scale is wrong with check weights, and comparisons between your good scales. You never want to be in the wrong with this one, I have found many bad scales over the years. People don’t like it when you tell them that they have been either shorting people, or giving away their profits. Spend as much as you can on quality, your ass depends on it.


most jurisdictions require you use a certified scale.

some even specify a scheduled calibration ritual

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if youre going to use a lab scale do not get that Ohaus Valor, get the ohaus scout its more suited towards smaller weights

you could get a 20$ scale off amazon that would suffice though. Anything with 0.01, AWS scales are good.


or the expensive option


I’ve had good experiences with My Weigh scales, specifically the i201. Cheaper than the ohaus, not as cheap as AWS. But they come with a 20yr warranty for what it’s worth.

I love this one
It weighs to a mg.

Anyone got a good rec for a 5kg limit scale accurate to 1 or 0.1g?

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I use this one for grams, works well. $35 shipped

Caregivers in Maine aren’t required to have a NIST certified scale, but I was pricing them out when I needed a new scale a few years ago. All the ones I came across were several hundred dollars more than the non-certified equivalent, so I went with a non certified scale.

Ended up getting the scout stx422 because it has a 420g capacity, and a serial/usb option. I wanted the ability to send the exact weight to the printer for a label, automagicly.

Get calibration weights if the scale doesn’t come with them.


FYI: Dept of Ag division of weights and measures stopped by our placed and indicated anyone in Maine who sells a measured product is required to have a certified scale. We paid about $400 for a decent NIST certified .01 scale.


Is there an automated/semi-automated way of gramming out concentrates like badder/sugar/diamonds? Or is everyone pretty much just doing it one by one by hand on a scale?

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They have good prices and if I’m not mistaken sell replacement parts as well.