Best rec brands in Nevada

Who do I need to support while I’m out here? I never go to dispos but I haven’t been to a rec shop in Nevada before so Ive got to see what they’ve got while I’m here.

I’d like to buy some dabs made by someone on here, who’s got the best shit?

Btw the water here is fucking gross and the beer isn’t much better, so I’ve already set my expectations a little low. Someone impress me!


Good luck. I live near by and every time I stop in one of those places it sucks. And way over priced. Although revision brew is pretty good. Way better then Great Basin


Unfortunately I’d have to agree with @Onceovertwice, I’m not a local, and have only tried 3 expensiarys in NV, but I was not impressed with anything I purchased, nor the asking price for such junk.


If you’re in Nevada looking for bomb Rec flower you’re fucked.

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A few months ago I picked up “Bettie White” half oz by Flora Vega for a cheap price. I was highly impressed, even my mom wanted to smoke a blunt of it. I might have just got lucky

What are Tahoe Hydro’s flower and NV Green’s concentrates like? They just got bought by an MSO and are being billed as extremely high quality…

Binske dabs are good

IMO best in Vegas, @iLLnyeTheShatterGuy if he has product on market, if not cannabiotix would be a close match, @thegrowercircle flower is top notch hands down, @GLP is the closest to most flavor & potency you’ll find as they’re no till organic, @MPX has some great live resins, binske is okay, more hype IMO, @Thedistillator likely knows a bit more about some good brands to support out there.

None of those brands you mentioned meet my standards. Haven’t tried growers circle but have tried all the other ones

Really y’all don’t like glp? I only was getting their Mac to be honest, so might be partial biased I guess on that lol.

I can see the take on cannabiotix, some of their flower is too, & some is just kinda meh. But their resins are well profiled, unless overly remediated.

Growers circle is good, but honestly my standard of a good product comes from the basic open knowledge of their techniques. Their item #9 is gas. But, alot of cannabis companies form a misconception on extracts and flowers, saying its indoor. All indoor is sold as flower to marginalize their profits. Indoor that cant be sold as flower is made into hte, but then that’s normally priced at 60-80 a gram due to the taxes vegas holds. Alot of flower used in concentrates is greenhouse. Stepped into 8 labs all of which i have bottled necked with a simple delta cup and all rely on greenhouse and miss labeling to marginalize their product. Hope this helps.