Best practices: labelling ones socks?

Lol right on, sorry bro I skim through when I read posts often missing key points.


these ones ARE available sequentially numbered.

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I let y’all know once I’ve got my dirty laundry orgranzed :wink:


We had little rings we put around pieces of paper and put on the string…
That way someone could find all the GG4 socks, or whatever.
That quit when they got small bags of each strain, half of which was unlabeled…

Small laser engravers are relatively inexpensive and would allow easy creation of stainless or anodized aluminum tags.

QR or other barcodes would be quite easy to generate and do in fairly large batches.

There is likely someone close to you that could provide such a service if desired. Or the internet would likely provide as well.

We’re running a different process obviously, but have nearly settled on “just toss the bags” after each batch. I think I’ve got it down to losing two fuge bags and four weed transfer bags per batch of any kind of reasonable size.

Getting to “I GUARANTEE that this bag is 100% verifiably clean to multiple standards” presently looks like it requires far more resources in the form of time and dollars than “turn the bags inside out, pop them in the centrifuge, wash them on the last run with virgin solvent, then toss them.”