Best powders for mold and powder mildew removal

Anyone know the best crc Powders to help with mold and powder mildew remediation? I know I can use a .2 um filter for the mold spores but I was wondering if there are powders that help to?
Did my first run of this year’s outdoors and the color came out great but the smell is a little weird, assuming it’s from mold or powder mildew

What do you expect to filter out beyond the spores?

The weird smell is probably from it being outdoor.


How you drying and storing I’m looking into fresh frozen for next year looks like it will save some steps you don’t get as big of returns if you think of anything let me know someone said distalets I don’t know how to spell

Won’t get as big of returns/yields with fresh frozen material, but it is also worth more, which can definitely make it worth it

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The powder mildew if there’s any

I couldn’t afford that type of freezer space investment, i just hang dry it and bag it up

Eagle 20 works wives tail (milk ) sulfur burner or spray beneficial bacteria in tea you grow your self water in goes systemic in the plant just like an Inoculation for us there is something new called the blue zone some type of ultraviolet air purifier only good for 15000sq I think cubic feet it will only do I greenhouse 24x36 and 12 feet high not a bad price 4500 but I bet we can put are thought together and figure it out need to lower the humidity but we all no that’s as simple of fix if you treat all the surrounding area to keep it away I like fire myself