Best place to buy extractor parts for good price?

Got a Precision PX1 that needs some parts. Of course Precision quoted me out their price which is most expensive. Can anyone suggest a website I can buy viton gaskets/screens and a ball valve from that’s trusted ?

If anyone wants to take a peek at the quote, I will post pic below. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I wouldn’t skip out on good ball valves but the rest of this stuff you can get at xtractor depot or open source steel. Also if you have a brewing supply store near by it might be worth checking out

Glacier tanks


Open source steel

best value vacs will screw you on gaskets, I think i’ve thrown at least $1000 in the trash with that company.

they sent these 12" envolope gaskets bent in half inside a box too small. You can see the ragged edges of the seal which look like they were cut with a razor knife. There were dents in the sealing surface as well as a crack that perferated the envolope. When I called them to get a refund they said that they were aware of the condition of the gaskets and sent them anyway. There are very few things I would buy from best value.
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There’s about one company selling Quality Stainless parts available on eBay(may even have its own site!)…

Hmmmm if I could only remember the name…hehe :yum::wink:

BTW they reliable great parts, but if need top the line name u PAY TOP THE LINE PRICE!


i just called them the other day for a similar problem. Literally 4 of the last 5 things i bought from BVV were damaged in some way because of poor shipping. When i brought it up to them, They said that amazon does all their shipping and amazon buys bulk from BVV and sell it themselves. The last piece i had a real problem was with a 14/20 thermo adapter. It had some janky gasket and looked used. They assured me it wasnt a return or used. They sent me another one that was literally perfect. This is another thing i dont understand with them. Typically they just tell me to keep the damaged one and send a new one. That was the exact reason i called just to ask how do you deal with the loss. Thats when i got the amazon story.

Typically i do almost everything in my power to not buy from them…its just they have just about everything i need.

Thanks stone! I appreciate all you do homie!


So open source steel is legit? Because they are WAY cheaper in price than Precision.


I think that they are “legit”.

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i can upload pics if anyone would like, but i second this. BVV has shit screens that have been costing me thousands of dollars in losses. My friends CLS was running perfect, after replacing the gaskets and screens the first time- yields dropped. Troubleshooting went on for months until we looked at the “new” BVV screens vs. the LEGIT screen that came with the system. The legit gasket/screen is a flawless black ring around a flawless (lightly used) screen and the “new” are Grey, look like the white ones posted above, and are visibly low quality. DO NOT ORDER FROM BVV


I’ll third this, I’ve gotten gaskets from BVV and gaskets from the BVV ones cost more and are worse quality. Gaskets I got from QSP were over 50% cheaper and way better build quality


Precision tried to sell me a bolt for 20x over the price I got from a fastener supply company.


3rd this… I ordered the same kind of gasket pictured and they were so fucked up I’m almost embarrassed that I even tried them… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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