Best Options

Wonder what you use and what’s the best…

Duratherm G or S

Eco 705 Silicone Diffusion

Welch Vacuum Oil

Anything else just keep it going

What are you teying to use it for, i use duratherm s and have been for the last 5yrs its great transfer fluid and has no degradation. Ive been using the same 10 gallons for a few yrs now

I got all new machines and just looking for stuff that I don’t have to replace as often

G as S is twice the price, not sure it’s worth it as both will run for years.

Ya i got it back when it was cheap and no one knew about it and they would sell direct to the customer so ive never used the G i use the S for thw roto bath and all my oil heaters. I did inquire recently about getting more and the price was way more than what I originally paid.

Yea Now G is 220 and 380 for S for 5 Gallon Pail, But also cost 200 to get it to me.

Do you use Welch oil for Vacuum? And the Eco 705 Silicone Diffusion oil?

No i use inland 19 or20 the welch oil seems kinda a gimmick i used it and the other ina welch and noticed no difference but i could be wrong. Never used that diffusion pump oil