Best non vg/mct/pg/peg diluent for CBD vape carts?

Hey all,

Ive been looking all over for the right solution for CBD vape carts and in the process found this cool site. I’ve been reading through the posts but thought a more a direct post would find the right answer that will work for me.

I just acquired some high cbd, very low thc distillate. I’d like to make some vape carts for my friends and I, I’ll just be giving them away for the love of it and good vibes. The thing is I really don’t want to use any of the less than optimal ingredients like vg/pg/peg/mct. The only one I found was the true terpene viscocity but then I find out that won’t work with CBD. I guess it won’t hold together cause of the CBD.

Any ideas? Thoughts or advice? I prefer it to be natural and simple. Will just terpenes and distillate work? I’m still really new to this so please shed some wisdom for a vapevcart newbie. :slight_smile:

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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There are about a million diluent threads on here. C8 MCT seems to be the crowd favorite right now. At least until the terp companies release their ingredients for more of their diluents. Welcome to the forum. Ya ether hell out of that search bar!

Oh, and great name!


Do your research here … there so much information… and welcome to the pAge


I used C8 MCT for a while. Don’t mind it at all - thought it smoothed out the flavor actually. Otherwise you could check out Floraplex diluents - just don’t use more than 10% or it’lll get harsh quick.


Thank you all for your responses. Any threads you guys recommend I check out? How about the science on c8 mct? Any studies to reference?, I was warned that mct was bad but if the majority on this site are in favor I’ll Definitely be looking into it further. Why do you prefer c8 mct? I’d love to hear your opinions.

Floraplex Uber and such isn’t for vaping they clearly announced that on a Leafly article

That was in the @TrueTerpenes thread.

I haven’t ready anything from @floraplex about anything. Except what I personally had lab tested. And its NOT mineral oil or veg oil.


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(Floraplex Chief Science Officer Jared McKinney told Leafly that vape pen cartridges are not an approved use for Uber Thick.

“We don’t sell it for vaporization, but that’s what some customers use it for,” he said. “Whether it would be bad or good, we can’t say either way.”)

Can you share the results of your independent testing on Uber thick or have a link for the post?

Search is your friend

I had their dilutent tested, not the uber thick. I have a bottle of that, but never used to had that product tested

many posts here discuss this in full… but in a nutshell … there is nothing that is 100% safe to vape. IMO smoking cbd or thc dist. is not 100% safe. everyone has there 2 cents best is to research and figure out what u think is good… too my knowing the longest vaped major ingridents on the market are VG , PG , PEG and everyone bashes them. but those have been used for 20+ years . all these new things are recent. NOT SAYING VG PG PEG ARE SAFE.

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I’ve been all over this search bar learning as much as I can. I even found some good information backing up MCT, but I’m still leaning away from using it. I’m likely going to start with Floraplex using their diluent and Blue Dream terps. To begin experimenting I am thinking something like 90% distillate, 5% diluent and 5% terps. Any thoughts on how well that may work or any tweaks to suggest?

Also what is High viscosity thickener diluent? How is that any different than the regular diluent? Would I risk more crystallization with the regular diluent? It is pretty high in cbd this distillate is, at least 80%.

This site is great! I’ve been learning a lot just from all the threads.