Best Micro license Closed loop BHO extractor

Trying to price out a smaller scale extractor that I’m still able to have certified for use in Michigan, I’m quite familiar with bizzybee but am not truly impressed for the price. Ideally the extractor will only be used for about a week every 3 months (50 plant cycles). I would assume I wont have more than 60lb per harvest and don’t mind doing it in 2-4lb increments if it will keep the cost down. i want something that has 2 solvent tanks,a crc, at least 2 jacketed material columns (so i can vac them down for insulation) , one recovery tank, and a molecular sieve. would prefer to incorporate quick connects but that’s not a must. was hoping to spend less that 30k. recommendations for circulating heater would be nice as well. I plan on using co2 to chill solvent tanks and only want a passive system. the most important thing is it will be able to be certified in Michigan. recommendations for a c1d1 booth would be very helpful, been looking at bvv but 85k seems steep for a shipping container with some fans and lights!

well $85k is actually a pretty cheap C1D1 space, I know that. You can build them yourself for cheaper, but for a pre-made one, $85k is cheap.

As for the extractor, that is a lot for under $30k, unless you get it used… the ETS 1300 meets most of those specs. Defintiely certifiable. I know you can get the 1 lb model w/o recovery pump for under $30k and you can add extensions to both the material column and the collection pot. But the columns are not jacketed. And it doesn’t come with crc, but you could add one.

Not sure if this is still available, but
EDIT: Not Available

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Have an architect design and a licensed contractor build you a C1D1 space.

You can make it to your exact size specs and get it done for a fraction of the price as the booths.

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If you are going for c1d1 and a certifiable machine/system the price is going to be up there regardless…


thanks for the input. i didn’t think I was asking that much for 30k considering what Ive built for less than 6k on the black market! haha I’ll call a few manufactures this week and start from there, would prefer to get something new and am willing to pay a little extra for exactly what I have in my head! do you know if most manufactures can have something certified before it even leaves the factory?

You will always need to get the isntillation approved once in your shop. But a company with an in house engineer can approve the design.


Well the certification is what makes stuff expensive. Yeah piecing together an extractor can easily be done for under $10k, but you definitely aren’t getting it certified.

ETS (and other companies) units are certified when they leave but you still have to have your facility peer reviewed by a 3rd party


I like the NB Oler systems. American made in Bend Oregon. ASME and peer reviewed

That was gone a while ago

welp, nvm then

Nb.oler, Bizzeebee or iron fist. IMO

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If something is less than a 6inch diameter does that make it easier to certify? Let’s say I buy 2 6inch solvent tanks and 1 6inch recovery tank from let’s say bizzy bee and then I design and purchase the rest of the equipment through let’s say glacier tanks or something equivalent ( 4inch max) and would I be able to certify the rest of the equipment separately?

Cheapest + fastest IMO:

opensource steel system + @3PCertz certifaction.

I got a 10lb rainier with washington cert for $15k. great starting point. customize after inspection


That’s exactly what I did as well. Oss sells the cert at half the cost of what 3p certz will do a custom one for.

If you plan to build 2+ identical custom systems that you want certified, build it from glacier tanks and have @3PCertz certify them both for the price of 1