Best larger filters for clay?

I’ve been taught to decant oil+solvent off the top of my bentonite clay solution because it can clog filters. This is wasteful because it leaves behind wet clay. Is there a good solution for filtering clays? (inline, plate etc)

I’m looking to decolor about 20kg of first pass distillate per run dissolved in hexane (1:1 ratio hopefully for easy hexane recovery) so about 40-50liters of solution filtered at once prior to second pass distillation so I can make really light/clear material. I was thinking maybe a basket centrifuge? Thanks!

fuge would work great. but you could also set this up in your CLS. or push from one beer keg to another through a packed column using nitrogen.

have you read the CRC thread(s)?

6x36 column would seem like a starting point.

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Thanks I don’t think I have! I’ll check that now. I have a bock fuge (same as your icon lol) but use it for biomass and would rather not get it all hexany

my only concern is what actually happens on the column.

ie chromatography vs adsorption

it makes a difference in how you use/reuse the media…


I use a reactor as my final collecrion vessel then nitro push thru a column loaded with powders and the sodiobi carbonate as the last to level out the ph. Works like a champ

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Do you folks add celite to your column help it flow so it doesn’t turn into some sort of nonnewtonian clay glob? Whats your favorite clay? I just use food grade bento @cyclopath @Concentrated_humbold

I use a mixture of sruff all in layers, but food grade bentonite is one if them

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Make a slurry, pull a vac on the collection vessel, it will form a puck, do this for multiple layers

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Yup what @Rowan said, just make sure ur not sucking the puck dry, it will create cracks and wont have a laminar flow.
I also learned the hard way, u dont want to apply full vacuum when using it for filtering. I would try full vacuum and would come to an almost standstill it was very frustrating

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I’d always seen people say to let them dry but I never had the patience for it, didn’t see a point if they’re getting wet again.

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Het a panda weld in a 20cm diameter holed tube place a 20 cm filterbag in the tube and spin after 3 kg of bento swap filterbag 5 micron
Holed tube in my case by the brand spiro ventilation tubing
The inner tube of a activated Carbon air filter also works nut is Made from alumina and needs to be gleud with epoxy


I have a panda I was considering it but got worried about Sparks from the motor? You think this is a valid concern?

If you are maintaining very cold temperatures while running your panda sparks should be irrelevant. @cyclopath has mentioned in the past though it would never pass a fire marshal inspection. I know your powders may not be cold when you’d like to pull excess liquid from them, but you could freeze them before running for safety.

In the oil industry, palm oil comes to mind, they use positive pressure to push excess oil from the bentonite at a set amount for a set time. This could be accomplished in a cls by saturating your still oil laden media with clean solvent and using an n2 push.

@cyclopath can you elaborate on that use/reuse thing you mentioned briefly? Are we saying we can’t reuse media if it’s used in one fashion as opposed to the other? Or are you talking more about the difference in the use of gradient systems and just hitting it with a single pure, or premixed, solvent?

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Yes iT is Any thing other than atex motors is a risk
Most important is don t overfill while filtering i work with a pump to fill no more than 1/2 galon of liquid at a time


either the magic dirt grabs stuff and holds on, or it just slows stuff down.

if what you’re trying to remove with the media sticks to it permanently, then you can keep reusing the media till stuff no longer sticks.

if the media works by slowing your unwanteds, the first time you use it it works, but if you run more solvent through it (eg using it a second time) your unwanted’s may elute into your product.

ie if you’re actually having success because you’re unknowingly performing chromatography, you’ll eventually need to figure it out if you’re trying to use your media for more than one round of clarification.


Is there a reason to nitrogen push instead of just compressed air? Is it a safety issue from compression heat? Thanks🙏

Do you use the indofab filter? Or some sort of sintered disk to hold back the media? Thank you!

scintered disk

I dont think it would matter, matbe vet a lil extra moist as long as you have a oil trap i dont see why it wouldnt work

Can we see a picture?