Best gun to fill cartridges

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a semi automatic gun to fill cartridges? Perhaps also the system to close them.

It would be put into a pharmaceutical setup, so the more paperwork it has, and compliant it is, the better.

We will be filling THC carts for R&D study in Poland.

Have a good one!

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Since it’s only a matter of time before someone else says it…

Did you bother using the search function for the forum? If you did you find a lot of posts in carts and filling. @qma . Get yourself a cart farmer.

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This sounds like a perfect job for @VapeJet

They’ll have all the paperwork you need, and will probably fit well with your production requirements.

My machines are designed for high throughput operations, for numbers I’ve yet to see anyone hit in europe. I also hate setting up an export for sub $1000 orders, which is most of my machines

Im also out of stock currently (10/7/2022)BACK IN STOCK BABY


Thanks for the answer!
I wanted to emphasize on the certification as this has to be compliant for the pharmaceutical company in Europe. I couldn’t find a judgment on the best solution in that case.

Thanks for the recommendation man! Appreciate! I would however gladly look into what you have and we can always set up some set above 1k.

here is a semi-filling machine for your reference

It’s a joke kinda… he’s basically saying that his $1000 system is better than a $30k machine and it’s the truth🤷🏼‍♂️ The only way the vape jet would be a better option is if you aren’t willing to pay a wook to operate the cart farmer. And the vapejet still needs someone to operate it. I love the vape jet no hate towards them I’d even like one myself. Just not willing to spend 30k when I could instead give that money to a wook who is willing to work and operate the CF1000. I can’t lie tho if I had the type of demand 10 vape jets in a room would be neat. Moral of the story the CF1000 can actually fill faster.


Using Cart farmer and a team of three cappers we have managed to cross the 3000 unit a day mark.