Best equipment for producing THC-Free oil

Looking for information for a project on producing THC-Free CBD oil from distillate. What is the best chromatography systems to do that - or are there other methodologies? Any help appreciated.

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Feel free to contact me for a consultation. There is no “best”, it depends on a slew of factors and anyone who understands this process will need a lot more detail to be any help.


Couldn’t agree more with cannachemistry. We are also a resource for equipment selection and process consulting.

If you want any chance of success though do not listen to manufacturers when they tell you they have a method for you. Hire a consultant and it will save you soo much time and money.




+1 on @GreenMachine_Consult they have some new new


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I’m running a 3kg column of the GRMedia


Rowan, when you say 3kg do you mean the column is 3kgs of media or you are putting 3kg of your sample in each run?

Noooo not 3kg per run- that would be an awesome column though.

It’s 3kg of media.

How long have you been running the GRM silica @Rowan?

There is no such thing.

I’m using a fully synthetic polymer blend.

I’ve been working on methods for two weeks now- it really sucks that ExtracTech has decided to steal all of my personal belongings and equipment, as I’d be able to use my GC to analyze and speed things along.


Copy that. Thank for the clarification, what is your max sample size for the 3kg column?

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