Best Diamond to HTE Ratio for Disposables

Does anyone have a recommended ratio of decarbed diamonds to HTE for disposables?

Thick syrupy HTE or thinner HTE? I’ve gone as high as 30% to get flowability on some carts with thick HTE

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Its thinner than honey. I was recommended to try 60% HTE: 40% diamonds. That seemed fairly high but Ive noticed that the decarbed diamonds are thicker than diamonds and the HTE is thicker than terps so perhaps it makes sense.


I should mention that decarbed diamonds weren’t a mainstream thing when I was doing this and haven’t been at it in a while. If your homie says 60% because decarbed diamonds are rock hard when cold, then listen to him. I’ve only ever used distillate.

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Sorry but no set recipe it really has to be batch by batch. All HTE has different viscosity.

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