Best college major to get into the marijuana business?

So I found out that my current full time job will pay for a majority of a bachelor degree if I decided to work towards one. I am also interested in getting into the cannabis industry but not sure what would be the most helpful major to get my foot in the door. I was thinking maybe chemistry for extractions? But There are a lot of other majors to choose from and they support many schools so it is a bit overwhelming to narrow down my choices to one specific thing but maybe someone on here has more better experience and would know what the best major would be? Also if anyone knows how much they pay for you to do extractions/filling carts/anything cannabis related & is it possible to live on your own with a cannabis related job? Thanks

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At this stage in the industry, I recommend identifying a problem that hasn’t been solved or an area of medicine that interests you. Then apply that to cannabis or figure out how cannabis can improve that area of study/industry.

The cannabis industry is saturated with the same products and lacks innovation, other than technological developments for cultivation or extraction.

Even then, extraction has progressed so far that we are now making bubble hash again and then squishing it lol.


There are alot of toxic products being distributed. There is no knowledge of the health risks of inhaling large concentrates of terpenes and unstudied noids. The next big thing will be treating the physical and psychological effects of consuming all the new products coming out.


I may be partial, but I recommend Mechanical Engineering with some basic courses in Chemistry.


Plan ahead. If your degree is to be used to get into a post baccalaureate program, then know the program and what it requires. For example, med school has years of pre req undergrad classes, and law school has none. Unless you want to be a patent attorney, no one cares what you took in undergrad. They only look at gpa. And speaking of, that sh1t follows you for the rest of your life. It’s better to take fewer courses at a time if that is what it takes to make good grades.

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Add some MBA courses and you can cause some real damage with this corporate market.

You just need to add some entrepreneurial spirit and your options are endless…

Mech E/EE’s are already running this world, most don’t see it though, through the blinds of society.


develop an Ai platform for submitting applications to regulatory agencies and skip college


chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, or go plant side, or business side. lots of options tbh

A Bachelors degree in plant breeding, plant genetics, and/or plant molecular biology would serve you well.

There are significant gains to be had in hemp genetics, e.g. breeding selection for new hemp terpene profiles. CRISPR and Cas9 are game changers.


Organic Chem


Biology or biochem with your own focus on plants. Most bachelor biology programs are medical/animal centric, but you can still pick relavent classes and focus on plant science.

I’m partial to analytical chemistry and biochem/genetics, but plants are super interesting and provide all sorts of rabbit holes. Have fun with it and try to volunteer at a research lab, that’s where the real fun and learning is.

Note that bachelor programs in general are diploma mills so it is ultimately up to you to actually learn something during the schooling… You can definitely get exposure to new concepts and good knowledge, but most schools don’t give AF if you actually learn anything, they will definitely give you a diploma without any learning. Don’t let that happen though, good luck.


Get a mba
Work for apple or Kraft or a big cpg mfg
Get a weed job with a MSO

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Would a degree in mechanical engineering assist with developing new methods of mechanical separation?

Learn legalese, finance, chemistry, engineering and most importantly know your market. Degrees are bullshit.


That statistic doesn’t take into account useless degrees where the person holding it might as well have just a high school diploma.

I third or whatever going to school for engineering or computer science, if you’re capable of the workload. But then don’t work in cannabis unless you’re an entrepreneur… :stuck_out_tongue:


30% of billionaires don’t have a college degree.

Those statistics don’t account for the opportunity cost of going to school, paying off debt, and then finally getting to a point where you can actually invest.

It’s about focus and hard work. Degrees don’t mean shit


Marketing…and yes I feel terrible for the recommendation of said subject.

Sales guys get commission, can be a blessing or a curse depending on skill, economy, and if you believe in your product.

The inspiration is potent with what you preach. :pray:

People with degrees work for me. It’s about risk, knowing the system and sometimes putting your eggs in one basket.

You would be surprised where that takes you.


You’ve got a basket of eggs?
You know what those are going for?!?