Best Clone ๐Ÿ”Œ In The Bay?

Have a family friend in San Ramon looking to get some solid clones or teen plants for his small backyard crop, the ones he got from a dispensary just started to flower after two weeks in the ground

Where is the best spot in the bay, preferably Oakland or around San Ramon, to get a small amount of good clones?
Dispensaries, deliveries, nurseries

Any info would be greatly appreciated, this is for someone who really needs it!

If he planted in April, it was to soon.


Could be. I believe they were from harborside not 100% sure of the situation

Dark Heart nursery or phinest clones are the only 2 that i would trust. Iโ€™ve never heard of anyone ever having issues with either one of those suppliersโ€ฆ I wouldnโ€™t mess around with clones, pay the extra dollar and go with one of those 2 companies


Fuck dark heart, they denied having a runt/abort issue in their mother stock, specifically their OG lines. Then couple years later release a patent and research paper on abortingโ€ฆ

Your buddy planted too early for store bought clones.
Put a light over em for 2 hours after sunset until august.


I have a buddy in Oakland that hit me up the other day asking about where to buy clones for the season. I told him Iโ€™d do some research because of all the shady clone vendors. I tried finding the two you listed and nothing came up. You have any links? Thanks

Itโ€™s a backyard grow, lights prob not gonna happen. Looks like heโ€™s gonna yank the ones that started flowering and plant 8-10 new ones

Why not? Mines a backyard grow, nothing fancy just some string lights, same u would have as decoration around ur patio.

We saw the issue in 2017, told them many times and even offered to tag our plants and keep records, they didnt care. Why will they care now? They are scumbags imo.

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They are still only 1-2 ft tall, hereโ€™s a pic of one

Not sure if heโ€™s willing to string the lights for privacy reasons

Looks like it started flowering a soon as it went outside, thats like week 2/3 into flower


Yeah some of them arenโ€™t that far along, but he said about 9/12 are definitely flowering.

tell em to put the clones under 15/9 light schedule then put them out end of may. Hes still not too late should get a lb+ each.
Imo If hes just doing this for personal smoke, convince him to start some seeds and get em sex tested, will come out to roughly the same price as buying clones.
Can start them outside as early as march without any suplemental lighting

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I do know someone with a plant sex testing company Iโ€™ll have to get him to do that next year, good call

Get him to do some basic lighting research as well, cause you only need something as simple as a CFL per plant to keep them out of flowering. Itโ€™s not the clone placeโ€™s fault he put them out way too early

Anyone know any good places that ship? id like to add a few new quick 8-9 week finishers to the stable. dont have time to test out seeds.

It will take 3 weeks to start to reveg. The plant will become a bushy monster.

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