best chiller for 50l rotovap

have a 50l rotovap with 34 amp 220v electrical power and the heat bath is to powerful for my chiller. what would be the best chiller to go with?

get a chill king hydroponic chiller, works great with glycol. We use ours as a universal cold water source in the lab.


send me a link pleaseeee

what size should i get?,ss:44&prmd=sivn&prds=num:1,epd:16909632950653570950,paur:ClkAsKraXzC6pE4Y7bahs54HIAL4aVn0sk7KdnC0tSwRaWM451esjkD2lJyyi4u_QtdsEiDfj8ioVPmAN9SVhPI_maQrRRKH3By4atXnu8NwtyxMGgQmJvvutRIZAFPVH71ymD4IkbpEqZOAbHUbywRlnlBtyQ,prmr:1,pid:16909632950653570950,cs:1&ved=0ahUKEwj7vvrA6ebeAhXnhFQKHUMnDVsQgjYIiwU
This is what we use. Run it with a 250 gal res, and a little giant pump to move the glycol.

Can you tell me about this setup a bit more? Looking to chill a 20L rotovap and external condenser on a 4in WFE - will this support both?

all depends on how cold you want that external condenser to be, I find that the system can constantly deliver -10f max. Of course you will want to insulate all the tubeing, and avoid small diameter tube.


I use a lauda for my buchi 50L
-10C easily and consistent even without vacuum almost boiling water without AC turned on.
Don’t ask how I know…


are you looking for a make/model or are you trying to figure out what capacity

I would also be interested in learning what capacity is required for a 50L

at lest 50L chiller and the lowest temp. need -30C. If there will has large steam in your detstillation progress

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usually 50L chiller with lowest temp-30C will be used with 50L rotovap.

If u need the quotation, pls dm and I will provide good price with u

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@Soxhlet I’m looking at getting a setup similar to what you’re describing in our new lab to run 4 20L rotovaps. Ideally I’d like to be able to use it for a falling film in the future. Would something like this also work?

It should?

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would you mind saying what model from chillking this is? I cant get the link to load on my phone or laptop

From what I remember it was spe’cd at 1/2 ton
I could be wrong?