Best carts for extra thick oil

So I started decarbing concentrates and mixing in with my distillate, (70di/30co to 75di/25co)loved my results and so did my city I got someone who fronted a lot for an order. the only issue is my equipment. I don’t REALLY wanna use more terps honestly, if I HAVE to I will definitely. I just want to have more of a natural concentrate taste, and any botanical (even at low %s) overpowers it.
It hits the wick and hits well, but to get it there I gotta expose it to heat to get it to saturate the wick. Past when the mix hits the coil the first time it’s good to sling. Only complaints are clogs, which I figured was just the cart not being able to handle the viscosity of decarbed shatter mixed in. One time watched a bubble take 4 hours to not only appear, but pinch off from the larger bubble as well. it seems necessary to thin it, so I’ve been talking to a lot of terp brands to get samples to mix with my cannaterps.
I’m never able to mix a cart over 2.5-3.25% SO FAR with botanical terps. I used true extracts the most, but left a batch of Abstrax at my homies house for a couple months (gonna use them next batch and see if they work better) the only terps I’ve been really impressed by and never had a single issue with were @betroits canna terps, which I mix at 5% and that costs $3 per cart by itself.
The old company we were using was doody juice, burned at high temps and kept giving the cart a weird taste, figured cause the center was metal(kind of burned type metal taste that comes and goes), not only that, but the terps just all smelled like essential oils and burned weird (trueextract terps).
When I finally got cannaterps I was BLOWN AWAY, so were the custys, but I’m tryna cut my costs under $7 for each individual cart without cutting it. As of rn disty cost me $3 a g, iKrusher JC103s cost me $2.25 per, the terps cost $3 per cart, and the concys cost $2-2.5 a cart. I wanna get the terp cost down by splitting a botanical/canna blend.
I just wondered if other people here had similar tests and some advice for me. Im using different concentrates besides shatter as well; budder, badder, crumble, and sugar. Haven’t gotten it perfected yet obviously, only made 10 batches of 4 different concys so far so I’m really inexperienced for that mixture, but I’m really good at normal distillate mixes.
Do y’all think I need to use different carts, maybe fully ceramic, or fully glass? If not I know I need more terps regardless, so I’m making an order with Massterpenes, the corner plug LA, and goldcoastterpenes.
recommendations are very much appreciate!
Much love!

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Hello sir :grinning:

We’d like to recommend our BCORE cartridge for your thick oil.

Internal air-flute design eliminates clogging and leaking issue. The unique gravity fed bottom heating chamber only heats the oil you’re vaping at the moment, allows vapers to consistently enjoy original flavor as the first puff for a more extended period, and with enhanced durability. It’s compatible with most viscosity of cannabis extracts, even very thick oil. Wanna have a try?


I just warm my carts up before filling and the coil soaks it right up. How are you decarbing your live solution?

Feel free to try our cotton free all glass carts,


As of rn I just put it in a glass vial and either shove it in the oven at 225 until I can see a uniform result or heat it on a hot plate. There is nothing holding/keeping the pressure inside so there probably is some terp loss there

boshang full ceramics…these are amazing. There is a big thread on here. I’ll never use another brand. I make live resin sugar carts with them. 4 ports is just awesome everything screams quality.


Hi I have a few question for you, is there any way i could contact you ?

I’d be jarring it up with a lid at 130F for 5 days to save your terps

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Would a hot plate with a normal glass jar work? Or would I need to cop a vacuum oven?

Direct heat is never a good idea. I throw it in the vac oven with no vac

In my experience metal carts are what you want when your using concentrates or any ultra thick oil. I have a theory that I posted here from my old account saying that metal carts were better for thicker oils as metal is a better conductor. The outside of the atomizer on the center post that is actually touching the oil is able to get warmer faster which allows for bubbles to form easier. For terps I recommend using 2 % CDT and 2% botanical terps. I personally use 5-6% terps in my carts and it mixes with the gassy flavor of wax, but people where I live definitely enjoy fruity flavors more than dank flavors.


Do you mix 4% with wax? Last time we did 50/50 botanical at 4% exactly but only with disty. Lowkey the botanicals were too much, overpowered the cdts, nothing was wrong with the flavor, no burned throat, no nose burns, but people like that gassy taste covering the botanical tastes and that’s what I’m shooting for anyways. Hard to taste/notice the CDTs. was gonna cut 3% use 2% CDT and 1% BDT. However if you used concentrates with it and got good results, I will do that the exact same next time. Last time my shatter/ disty mix was a bitch and a half to get moving and custys said it clogged, took forever to reload, had to put a hairdryer on it, but absolutely LOVED IT. that was at a 80/20 ratio and a 2.5% terp cut, however next time we’re shooting for 75/25 or 70/30 due to recommendations on here and forum posts.

I use iKrusher rn as well, so the metal is for sure there when I had this issue waiting for the bubble to form. I watched the bubble form, begin to divide off, and finally separate, this process took about 45 minutes from the first time I noticed the bubble was there after pulling it out my atomizer. Probably closer to 1 hour 20 minutes seeing how my slow ass noticed it, but I was getting dry hits until it finally separated, then decided to expose it to heat. the wick was literally so dry it was pure white. A great many of dry hits, but the full hits were amazing on cloud size and flavor. Then again I rip carts like their nicotine, cause for me they are lol. Sometimes tho I’ll leave the bubbles for days at a time in a dark 70* Fahrenheit room, and they won’t move to the wick for days at a time. Maybe need to decarb longer or slower? Just don’t wanna lose more flavor of the dab than I already did, but if I don’t got the equipment yet I simply don’t have the equipment to do it.

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I have two 1k cases of Icell ceramics up for sale currently. I had my buddy @mosiac_co_labs (spelling may have been incorrect) post them up for sale for me but he is currently stepping back from the GLG. Please PM for inquiry. These are my last two cases left. I would defiantly give them a try if you have not already.

Thank you for your recommendation for Boshang.

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If you are using quality concentrate i wouldnt worry about adding more terps. 25% quality concentrate with a nice flavor and should be fine to do up to a 5% terp mixture. Especially if you are doing a 50/50 CDT botanical terp run. I personally am a fan of a natural wax taste mixing with a super fruity terp flavor, like terps from from Denver Terp. Their terps taste like straight candy and I am a huge fan of the flavor when you mix gassy sunset Sherbert wax with a forbidden fruit terp that tastes like lifesavers. The wax flavor blends REALLYY well with a botanical flavor. Its like taking a soda and making a really nicely crafted mixed drink, it tastes like a soda / uice but has a stronger flavor to balance it out and complement it.

If you are using dull flavored CrC slab then you will definitely get more of the botanical flavor. But since you are using a blend of CDT and BDT you would get more of a terpy flavor.

Honestly mixing wax in with carts is where it’s at! There’s very few ways to differentiate a distillate cart besides terps added. Adding wax adds a whole layer of depth to the flavor of the cart and can drastically change the way the cart hits and effects felt.

I had a bubble issue until i started adding more terps. Thats kinda why i am pro more terp. Adding 1-2% can have drastic effects on consistency. One of my first batches of ax carts had 7-9% and had a good flavor but leaked right outta the cart. But if you bump your terp concentration up to 5% i really think you will have a noticeable difference in consistency.

If you are running wax carts its adament you tell the customer to preheat the device before hitting. Adding wax should make the melting point decrease by a few degreees. It may be more firm at room temp, but once it gets warm it should be more runny than a pure disty cart!

Like i said, my best experience for a wax cart is in a metal atomizer. This seems to give the best rip and also allows for the bubble to flow easier if heated. Ceramic carts are like the d8 of carts imo. More efficient, lighter effects but not like the real deal! But i will say a wax cart looks much more sexier and dressed up in a ceramic cartridge! really brings out all the colors in it.


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