Best brand of vacuum pump for ovens

Anyone have any input on what the best option is for vacuum pump for purging shatter, crumble etc is? Been running through $300 bhogart pumps which seems to lose the ability to pull a deep vac over time. Is there a more expensive but more effective option? Thx

At that rate you can get$50 eBay pump and keep the oil changed it’ll last way longer… You can get 6 for the price one, one year that’s long time! I have hard time killing mine!

They pull the same just slower … But cheap 2stage would be the way too unless u have to get name brand!


I’ve done the same. I also started using one of my chemical duty welch pumps, over time that needs a rebuild as well.

I have the Ai cold trap now and am going to hook an edwards 30 up to it and see how it works! I’m thinking just change the oil biweekly with the cold trap and it will hopefully work for a while. The eddy could use a rebuild but still pulls very deep


my edwards pump has worked for a very long time

What Edwards pump are you using? If you’re using multiple ovens, do you have multiple pumps for multiple ovens or are they in a manifold?

I have an edwards 8 for 1 1.9 ai oven. I dont have multible ovens. My buddies lab is usinf a drt scroll edwards for 2 1.9 ai ovens

I ran 2 ovens on deep vac with an adixen 2021
Just sold it last week lol
I think they are about $2k refurbished.

Friends who need a drying oven( and vacuum pump( can click the link to view the related equipment.

Is there any reason not to use a chemical duty diaphragm pump on a vac oven? Ones commonly used for rotovaps? I have one on my oven currently and it pulls down to ~40 torr or -28.5" Hg on the gauge.

Figure that would be more forgiving if the cold trap gets warm.

How often do you find you can run it before needing a rebuild? I thought they were pretty tolerant to most solvents? Maybe less so to terps?