Best BHO system nitrogen regulator?

Looking for a good nitrogen regulator for my BHO system. Looking for something with an output gauge that shows pressures under 100psi.

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I also am looking. Is using a lower rated 0-400 psi regulator safer than a 0-800 psi regulator? or perhaps even a lower rated one at 0-150 psi?

How many psi is your system rated for?
What about your PRV’s??
What are the dimensions of the vessels you are pressurizing?
You are asking about nitrogen or CO2?

What’s the lowest rated part of your system? Are there PRVs in any zone that can isolate solvent?

You’ll find your answer there.

That said, I use a 0-150 regulator, because that’s what my boss bought me. I generally am running at 150, but I can’t say I need or should go much higher than that, anyways.

i dunno the brands but dont buy th cheapest. If you buy it direct from the gas store they wont be selling crap Gas regulators are important so hopefully most of them work fine.

If you want a high quality valve that you won’t have to fiddle with during its lifetime get a regulator that’s actuated by a piston, not a diaphragm.

This regulator has given me no issues after 7 years.


As @Franklin said, you can’t go wrong with one of these. Dropped mine a couple times and was still accurate and properly regulatin’ :ok_hand:

This was the specific one we used

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What kind of regulator do you have that goes up to 150? I was thinking of going that route as it sounds safest as then if the regulator fails it will only put out 150 max.

And thank you for the recommendation I’m going to look into piston actuated regulators.

Nitrogen, largest vessel would be the collection vessel with a diameter of 12". Roughly 18-24" in height. My CRC and mole sieve columns are rated to 150 PSI. Everything has high pressure clamps.