Best Active Pump for a mini MeP?

Hey so im getting thrown on a Mini MeP and ive never run active before. They were aiming towards the Haskell but they are allowing me to make a decision… Anyone with experience on multiple pumps that can weigh in?

GC 5000
or maybe the VaporWulf?

I do intend to use blends varying in from 80-20 propane-butane to nearly the complete opposite.

Haskalls are terribly loud and annoying. You’ll literally hear it clacking after you’re already home and trying to unwind. Especially in a small C1D1 booth. I love precision’s punisher and it can be made for c1d1 environments. I have used MVP pumps with purge labs equipment - I love them for their robustness and easy repair.

Each pump has different perks too, the speed of recovery, or lack of in some cases, allows for better sauce because you have more time to “call” your run and stop your pump to pour. I liked the punisher because it was quick but sometimes I’d miss my mark because I was too slow on my procedure and end up with either a muffin or something more shatter-like.

I have not heard of the other two but at least you have a little bit of feedback.

Edit: don’t let the sales person tell you that you don’t need sieves either. I had a client call me with pressure issues, told them to turn the chiller off and pressure went down. After the run I asked him to open the expansion chamber and lo and behold - no sieves. Apparently they saw that as optional and left it off of their order. After only a few runs their butane had enough water in it to freeze the chiller coil.


Yea i’ve read that everywhere. Main reason im trying to avoid it honestly so if i can find something a little quicker on recovery its gone. Last thing i want to do is replace it with a slower pump as they have a division in washington using it and i dont want my 2nd recommendation to harm/slow production in any manor. If i can speed it up save me some trouble than by all means…

Thanks for the info, I believe the GC 5000 is the punisher could be renamed not sure but its produced by precision.

Yea id run molecular sieves for sure…

My vote would be the punisher or MVP(s). I have strung multiple MVPs together before so a cool feature of those is they’re small enough to keep adding more if it fits your specs.
The punisher is the most quiet pump after start up, followed by the MVP then the haskal.
I can’t compare recovery speeds on anything but haskal and the punisher so ignoring the MVPs I would go with a punisher as well. I’d be comfortable repairing an MVP but I don’t think I’d undertake a punisher rebuild, that’s one con.

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Gc5000 is just a blackmer gas compressor. Its the smallest they make. Also setup from precision they are half of max operating capacity. You need to swap drive pully to make it work to full potential but it is far better than the others.



Thanks for the info guys I got this from a pretty reputable source (opaleyes11 on insta.)

Nice man the mini crushes!
But awesome, I could talk all day about recovery.
Passive is great. But active recovery is like driving a Ferrari when paired with the right pump.
The haskel is your current limitation at 0.5#/min recovery… right off the bat that’s your bottleneck within the system.
To break that you’ll definitely need to move into an electrically driven recovery pump… I actually have personal data on the vaporwulf, punisher, MVP-150, and the best pump I’ve ever ran, the Corken T91.
The vaporwulf is the weakest of the 4, boasting around 1#/min averaged
The MVP pump is the 3rd weakest, averaging 1.25#/min- and because it is an electrically operated double diaphragm pump, you can get to 1.5-1.75 with dumping back into a chilled solvent tank (passive recovery + active recovery)
The Blackmer pump is great, but due to its single head is extremely susceptible to oil leaks. I personally have had many oil leakage issues with the GC5000 running PX1s before.

The blackmer can average 2#/min… But…
The Corken T91 is the Ferrari of these pumps, boasting 2.25#/min across the board. It’s a triple packed pump head, almost the same design as Blackmer, except these pumps sit in the oil field for YEARS and don’t need any service except for an oil change every 1000 hours.
Corken is an oil and gas field recovery manufacturer and they’re the baddest in the game. They hit us up in the beginning of the year and asked me to try to break it… I’m over 500 runs on it and haven’t had a leak or any issues yet.
Since the Corken T91 has such great recovery power, for no additional cost we have thrown on an Exergy shell and tube condenser directly on the exhaust side of the T91.

At this point, you can recovery the 12# of solvent you’ve utilized in 5#…
I wouldn’t run a lab without this pump.


100% on the corken. They have the same rates repending on drive pully sizing. Precision only sets it up at half max rpm so it will recover way more than the 2lb/min. I had the same model corken but wore out the motor by overdriving it. The blackmer was local and i was able to pay cash. I have 4 with zero oil leak issues. I am hard on valves but they just drop in so nbd to replace. Id sell one or two if you are interested.


someone in FL could prob use this…

wonder how many lbs per minute that thing could do. 6 or 7?

Odds are we will be going with a new one from the manufacturer but I’ll let you know if we do not.

@sweethemp says it’s for natural gas. Idk about with recovery pumps but I can tell you if you hook up a natural gas heated machine to a propane line without the proper mod your going to have a bad time.

i did a lil reasearch these things are good with many gases so i think it would work but i def dont need it at this time. 3k seems like 1/10 its new cost tho and id offer them 1500

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Thats similar to my 27cfm unit. Way more than 6lbs/min