bel art

any thoughts on the belart
10.25 inch or 24 inch
for filtering sediments of ethanol extract super fast

As long as you aren’t doing cryo extractions. If you are, the plastic is known to crack.


I have a 10.25 I use for my rough cut, I love it but as stated be careful if your running really cold solvent the weld tend to separate . I’ve never tried summits or other companies but I absolutely love mine for fast filtering 20 gallons,papers are expensive and from what I’ve found not so specific as far as micron. The papers I have I use them and the into the freezer and then4 micron then into a18hr deep freeze then 1micron and there’s barely anything on the 4 micron paper. I got mine off eBay for 80$ so I couldn’t resist, the extra large coffee filter from food suppliers also work great

how fast are you filtering 20 gallons?
i do cryo extract and then filter out sediments and other crap left behind when doing bucket tek. i really need a fast alternative. buchner funnels clog up so damm quick

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I don’t use it for cryo because of the plastic welds, I only use it for my first room temp filtration after dissolving the crude. But without changing the filters every ten gallons orobably take 20 mins or so I’ll time it for you I’ll have 20 I need to do in the next day or so but I was a great investment especially at the price I got it for I use a all stainless for my fine filtering because that’s all -40c or below. Try a pressurfter with multiple filter stacks so it doesn’t clog as easy there cheap to build and you can go as big as you want

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should i grab with a removable plate or just medium porosity

you need a pressurized filter with a diagraphram pump. one can be constructed with a sanatary spool and filterplates.

A cartridge style filter will work great for your application. A 10" will work fine for only 20gal, and @Soxhlet is right, you’ll want a diaphram pump. Ideally you’ll want two-stage filtration setup, with a 30um followed a 1 or 0.5um. It’s fairly easy and low-mess to change the filter cartridges, so you can filter once, then change the cartridge and run again if you want to save some bucks on the filter housings.
(you can find other suppliers)


+1 on the staged filtration. filtering in a single step might be possible if you really understand (read: can control) your particle size distribution, but it is not what the filtration experts recommend.

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picked up one of these today and i cant even use it because the papers wont seal properly no matter what i do. any suggestions?

Crc disc maybe

I was looking at nutsche style one for sale here, best I could brainstorm was using bubble bags in the upper part. Use the bubble bags as staging discs so to speak. One bag in another then pour.

Wet the paper, suck it down and you should be fine

i know how to use a buchner funnel, the removable plate in the belart is weird, it has a rim on the plate where the paper is supposed to seal, but the center of the plate is lower than the outer rim, which is causing massive fissures in the paper no matter what i try to do. if it had a sealing ring on top of the paper i would be golden. also cant go -20, had leaking around the plate due to shrinking

might try to find some micron bags to fit the belart so i can do colder filtering if needed. if it cracks im pretty sure i can fix it with soldering gun

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They have a hold down ring that is sold separately. Give us a call tomorrow I believe we have them in stock


Its upside down, it should be smooth looking down at it.

The papers can be a tight fit so I use two and slightly offset both to make sure I get a proper seal.

And we only use a pump that does -24hg (welch filtration pump) Ive never noticed any shrinkage or had any leaks.

We filter close to 40 gallons a hour in the 24" @-20F , I wouldnt go colder they will crack


I think vacuum might be too strong, going to add a bleed valve monday

Came to the conclusion the plate was upside down on display so thanks to the hydro store that sold it to me, I seemed like a dumbass. It will work properly

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