Beginner - small scale edibles business - where to get thc?

Hi, I am new here. My goal is to start small scale edibles business with something stronger than CBD, maybe THC… But it is not legal here (eu). I was planning to start growing indoor few plants, but recently I have heard about converting CBD into THC using chemistry processes. Which route is better for me? How much budget I would need to start converting CBD into THC? I have heard from WKU Consulting that around 2000 USD is minimum for producing something safe to consume, is there a cheaper way? Or start buying extract from someone else? The problem is its not legal in Europe, so thats the reason why I am trying to figure out how I could produce THC at home.

For edibles making your own is probably best
Since a good Edible can be made with
Thc D9 or D8
Wich is very doable
Equipment wise it ain t cheap but with a 2L spd rig and mantel and a 2 stage vacuum pump and gauge an aquarium pump and a bucket of ice
And a 2L sepfunnel you should be able to make 1 liter a week


Thanks for the reply. Can you estimate how much would budget version cost, around that 2 k usd?

First thing you need todo is forget anything that loser ever said, he is a fool who doesn’t care if people get hurt trying his “bro science” just grow a couple plants or buy D8 from a local source


Procure THC flower. Infuse into butter. Make edibles.


I wrote all you need have fun figuring out it s prices


Have to agree with @TheWillBilly on this one. Your source of information is one of the least trustworthy you could have stumbled across. He is an absolute menace.

Yes, he got the price of admission reasonably close. I still recommend you erase anything you “learned” from him, and start again from scratch.

Have you wrapped your head around your actual needs yet?

Let’s imaging you want 100mg edibles (you may want 10mg). How many do you want to make?

Is this for your personal use? Let’s call it one a day for a year and call that 500 doses because hey, you might bring a friend along some days.

How many grams of THC is that?

If you’re growing and extracting that, and you manage 15% thc on your plants, and get 50% (75-80% is achievable) of that into your extract, how much weed do you need?

500 x 100mg => 50000mg == 50g thc

50g / 0.15 x 2 => 666g of “weed”.

Might as well call it a kg. Which you might manage from a couple of plants in a tent in your house.

Vs just purchasing 50g of your desired cannabinoid

Now adjust the number of doses and their strength to get numbers more relevant to your situation

Edit: Most edibles producers don’t extract in house…unless they were added to an extant extraction business. Learning how to grow and extract, AND make edibles to set up an edibles business is not a recipe for success. Buy your concentrate and concentrate on your confectionery.


Guess it’s time to start making low quality greenscreen YouTube videos with accurate information?


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Gotta give it to him. He definitely chose a different angle than anyone. Why spend 100s of thousands if not millions on a lab when you can just pretend to be in one with a green screen.

Probably was using it for his rap videos and decided to become a lab owner and consultant.


Made me spit out my soda! I almost forgot he was a christian rapper


what are you trying to teach me? How is it related?

That the choice of “stronger” might warrant scrutiny…

…however, that was ancillary to the clarifying questions, which you haven’t bothered with.

How about some “I’ve done my homework and this is how much weed I need”?


I have got enough info from you to make the decision on my own without further need for commenting on it, thanks tho.

You’re a sweetie aren’t you?

Best of luck with your endeavors.

You won’t be able to do the chemistry process without using the same chemicals that can be used for extraction. This whole process is still going to cost a couple hundred bucks, and you still need access to a distillation machine, and should also be using a rotovap. Lab equipment is expensive.

When I was making edibles using my own THC plants, I used the quiso method using grain alcohol which was not great. My oil was slightly bitter, and I spent a lot of money on alcohol (you could use iso, but because I couldn’t really purge I wanted to be able to eat my residual solvents). I’ve also made bubble hash and also rosin from this bubble hash and used some of it to make edibles. This is what I would recommend, but your yields become an issue with just a few plants at home.

Your best bet is to find someone who can get you a few hundred grams or more of concentrate, ideally with a COA, then activate it if needed and infuse from there. I don’t know anything about buying wholesale concentrates.


just to keep folks from getting lost…

with grain alcohol it’s QWET: Quick wash, Ethanol
QWISO is isopropanol: Quick wash, Isopropanol

might as well see: Iso vs ethonal if you’re looking to decide between them…