Beaker Heaters / Brisk Heat

Hello everyone,

I am looking to consistently heat a beaker of distillate for the application of adding terps and mixing with an overhead stirrer or to warm up a beaker of distillate to transfer into a cartridge filling machine. I stumbled onto a company called Brisk Heat that sells silicone beaker heaters with temperature controller for around $350 (for 250ml silicone heating sleeve and controller). Has anyone seen them in action or have used them? All input is appreciated.



They are kind of ripping you off to buy their temperature controller. You can get something similar for around $40 on amazon.

I would just grab the stand alone silicone heater and plug it into something like that.


I’ve bought silicone heat blankets from Omega engineering

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How do you like them and what application do you use it for? How do you regulate the temperature? I don’t see a controller. Thanks for the reply!

Perhaps a stirring hotplate would help you, there should be some low cost ones on the internet (amazon, ebay, labx, etc).

I made a controller base on this

I don’t use it much, but wanted it as a way to provide even heat to a cylinder.

I use the controller with different sensors and heat sources, depending on the task.

You would probably be better off just using an ink bird, like posted above as the controller.

The heater and a willhi temp controller are less than 150 shipped from amazon. One thing i noticed is that you have to insulate the entire assembly with tinfoil/set it on a hotplate stand to heat all the fluid evenly.

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I wonder if you can use those to wrap a spd head?

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It would be a lot cheaper than LS new spd head heater but I wonder if the surface area is enough without insulation.


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Definitely need insulation with the mat/blanket type heaters.

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also with a willhi

and for insulation, you can always use foil.

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Be careful wrapping the flexible heaters with gaps between each revolution; this will introduce cold spots and non-uniform heating. It’s always best to wrap these more like bicycle handlebar tape to ensure uniform heating across the entire surface for efficiency. I can elaborate on this further if that would be beneficial.

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Most people aren’t too hot at wrapping heater tapes, so that’s why we offer wrapping services.


That’s EXACTLY how it should be done! There’s also a trick making these more of an elongated rhombus shaped flexible heater rather than rectangular to ensure repeat-ability. I’ve spent too many hours in the shop wrapping 100’s of pipes for a medical application…

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if i’m trying to heat up a glass jar with rosin in it, do i need to wrap the jar in tinfoil if i use a the heat wrap ?

No just put the tinfoil on ur head and it should work a bit better