Baffled Tri-Clamp Condenser 10"x24" - The mother of all condensers!

Recent purchase for a project that never panned out. Never been used. Local pickup because this guy weighs about 100lbs. In So-Cal (I.E.). Would be open to a trade for #2 316L Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing or something similar.


Baffled Tri-Clamp Condenser

This 304 Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp condenser allows the user to condense hot vapors and solvent while running an extraction system or use it as a heat exchanger if needed. It features internal baffles in the system allowing for better overall heat exchange, Tri-Clamp connections on each end and (2) 1/2" FNPT Ports on the side to allow various connections the user may need.


Baffles inside the tubes?

No, there are baffles inside the shell, that direct flow of the thermal fluid around the tubes.

This is a big heat heat exchanger. You can see the baffles down the length of the bundle. I would assume this is what they are referring to. U-Tube-Bundle-Heat-Exchangers


Yes. Offset baffles. This is the newest ver. 3 design.


As badass as this looks, why not just use a plate exchanger?

They are good for different things, liquid holdup can be a problem with a plate style heat exchanger, which would be undesirable for solvent vapor recovery


Cleanability is much better on shell and tube units vs plate exchangers. CIP validation for plate heat exchangers can be hell.


Bump. Price update $1350.00


Yo DM me I probs need this

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Me and @Rowan will cop it, hit one of us up!

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I was going to then noticed his location. There is no way this thing is getting shipped… Its local pickup only.

Let me know!

Do you still have this? I would like it

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