Badder to Cart tech



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I’ve got some batter set aside to run hopefully in the coming days! looks great, how’s the flavor? did you end up running 15 PSI with a bespoke spring? Also curious re: material starting mass, time and temp if you’re comfy sharing!

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90-120u zero gravity live hash rosin 160F for 27h

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I honestly just used the 10psi spring and it held enough pressure to decarb. I think a 15-20 psi will work better but my next step is figuring that out and trying to find a viton seal instead of a silicone.



this is great. I had a less good time - I wanted to torture test off the bat, did a decarb on 8.3g of batter in 8oz wide mouth mason jar with a 20psi spring installed with the stock silicone gasket.

I can’t say anything about the valve itself, because the lid blew off about 8 hours into my decarb! I was doing a hot plate decarb about 300F plate surface temp 190-160 internal from hottest to coldest points in vessel. The silicone gasket seemed a bit warped after the fact. I think that was the point of failure, but It’s hard to say, the jar ring didn’t seem disfigured at all.

I am not sure I’ll touch this again without taking a much gentler approach, or if some good Viton gaskets turn up. Fun project, turned my yield into edibles (barely lost any), and a great reminder to wear always wear PPE - could’ve caught some hot oil in the eye or a lid to the cornea otherwise (although I wasn’t actually proximal during the pop)

Disaster, I guess the 10-15psi spring it is

I’d use the custom triple groove lid he makes also.

I’m sure better solutions will come up also. This is all R&D :confused:

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One of these will fit in an oven, backfill with argon and set prv to 100 psi and you’re good to go


Looks a lot better than this jar thank you @Kingofthekush420

You can part this out for about half that cost if it really matters

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Would these ever be available with a longer preheat?

yes, but it would be a longer lead time than what I got warehoused here atm

I’d like to say the cheap normal splatter platter miners work on hot plates with the spin bar able to spin as well.

I’ve tested this at home if you don’t want the jacketed ones. We have a lot of jacketed and non jacketed miner options


How do I get them to preheat if you don’t mind feeding me

flip switch to ‘on’ from ‘off’


Machine to cart…Whats your favorite cartridge right now?

Do you sell these carts unfilled?