Badder still giving me a small muffin

I’m making some live badder at our lab, and it’s coming out real nice, however, 2 days after it’s finished I will go to pull a vacuum on it to make sure it doesn’t have residuals in it for testing, and it will slightly muffin. Will badder/budder muffin under vacuum even without 1000+ppm of solvent in it? Like could it be rising just from the pull of the vacuum? I processed it over a span of about a shift and a half so I really don’t wanna take it much further in the oven and accidentally dry it out.

It will do that everytime if you stir it first, I would assume it’s trapped air escaping, possibly terps.
I don’t use heat or vacuum on my live, just a large surface area 13x9 pyrex and stir until it’s done.
Jars are alot harder to get the ppm down if you don’t use a pan, so for you it very well could be residual butane.
Consistently get n/d to 100ppm residual butane using nothing but a pan and a tool to whip it with.


What temp is your oven at when you put in the pan.

Room temperature 65-70f, just on a table in my booth, if I want more heat I place it on a part of the table that hasn’t been cooled by the pan.
No oven needed.

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I go from dish to jar, and if my first opening dosent “pop” and muffin a tiny bit I’m unhappy. Whip the shit out of your badders.

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