B81 powder, anybody try this yet?

T5 is pretty expensive, has anybody tried this Pure-Flo B81 as an alternative?

It’s available at BVV:


They may seem similar but are very different. B81 is the acid activated version of B80. B80 has a surface area of 400 m²/g naturally which makes it selective for contaminate of similar size. Once B80 is activated with acids it modifies its surface area down to 200 m²/g modifying its selectivity down to contaminate of that size. Therefore they will yield similar but different results so it helps to know how the biomass was produced to know what contaminate yo expect. Also B81 has a high level of sulfuric acid in it which helps with bleaching but can also have negative effects on the oil especially if it comes from older biomass. The acids will promote oxidation on older terpenes making them go rancid very quickly and reducing the shelf life of your product. It works great for heavy carotenoid yielding biomass. T5 is also acid activated but has a more neutral ph around 5-7 I believe and it does not have the increased levels of sulfuric acid in it.


can someone trained in chemistry give me a concrete answer as to what is happening to the terpene profile when oil is passed through a CRC media. ( i.e. if the terpene profile stays the same or if any parts of the terpene profile get stripped along with the color). wouldn’t these create partial terpene profiles not naturally found on the cannabis/hemp plant. Also whats the safety of having people dab these partial terp profiles left behind during crc.

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This was very much appreciated and timely as I will be running older biomass… Thanks. I’m just looking to clean up some etho/iso extract for shatter.


What happens to that which you run over magic dirt depends on the particular absorbent being used…

…and sometimes you’re simply performing chromatography


Which is a different game than absorbent based clean up in a non-polar solvent (Eg butane).

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thanks, I can’t help but think some of these reports of people dabbing off citrus tasting oil and what not due to CRC, being horrid for your lungs.

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In some cases CRC leaves a citrus taste. It doesn’t create one out of thin air…

If limonene that was in the hash is all that remains, that may be a lesser experience (or not!!), but none of the common clays/dirts/powders/absorbents/silicas folks are using are reacting with their extracts.

Yeah, if they’re not removing the magic dirt correctly, then there is the possibility of inhalation…but we’re not generally looking at things that are going to vaporize on even a 700C nail here, so…


Thanks for the spoonful of information. like I said im not versed in this area at all regarding filtration medias, appreciate you clarifying. id like to see someone have analytical testing done on lets say a HTE fraction then remediate using crc and compare the two results to see whats actually happening.