Avoid Moonies Customs/ Christian Hicks

Hey all,

I am posting this to make people wary of working with the following company/person.

Christian Hicks A.K.A Moonies Customs

Without going into further detail. I am aware of several companies he has screwed over this year, and I have found nothing good the further I have dug. This is VERY similar to a POTGURU situation minus the food panty thank goodness. If you need further details PM me a reason why and I may share with you more.


What does he make/do?

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…you made the post? There should at least be a description of events if you’re trying to blacklist someone.

Moonies Custom’s sold used equipment… minus the used equipment.

Do you need specifics into companies drama’s for me to want to make a post to warn others not to fall into the same trap?

Yeah, it’d help. SEO attacks should come with some sort of evidence or literally anything beyond “avoid _____”.


I have evidence, but it’s not mine to share. Are you suggesting that my review isn’t worth sharing? That I should only warn other’s if I am willing to contractually fault my NDA on a public forum…

Would a second opinion help? @Scisolinc can you back me up here?

Your NDA precludes you from discussing this person not delivering on equipment?

Is Christian Hicks / Moonies a taggable user here?

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Unfortunately its a pretty blanketed NDA.

I believe it is @Chriatian

It is true, he posed as our company took money from the client, and then didnt supply the equipment. The client then called us asking where the money was and that they wanted it back. It took some digging to figure it out but the money went to his account, the wire details were not ours. they are now pursuing legal action towards Christian and we have sent him a cease and desist letter from our lawyer.

To further clarify we had no knowledge at all of the deal he had going on with these people until they called us asking where their money was.


Guys. I’m working on full refund. I had my accounts frozen. I’m not a scammer and have completed several sales for SciSol

We stand by our statement prior to this comment, Any sales through sci sol go directly through our bank accounts no one is allowed to take payments on sci sols behalf.


Didn’t you have some other excuse last week? When that other guy had issues with your services?


No. Always same issue

SciSol is a solid company. This is 100% on me. I did however sell equipment successfully on their part.

The last sale I made; the client putthe wrong name on the wire and it froze my accounts. I am setting up an account with a “cannabis” bank to avoid this in the future. I will refund deposit as soon as account is set up

What kind of agreement did you have with them?

Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to have them cut you a check after you forward them the PO?

That would have been smart…yes

Last week, last month, last quarter…